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Saw Bannerman Island in Transformers 3

Took the kid to the movies and was surprised at the 2 second shot of Bannerman Island in the latest car robot movie. Nice helicopter shot. Blink and you miss it. Laughed at the Hollywood logic that tied it it to Angkor Wat.


Anyway, I hope the Island Trust got a good chunk of Hollywood $$$ from that all that Bayhem.


Too funny.


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Comment by Ben Royce on July 8, 2011 at 1:21pm

It's classic Bayhem. No more, no less than "Armagaddon", "Pearl Harbor", "Bad Boys II", etc.


It's like watching a 7 year old boy given $200 million to make a movie. This will either annoy you or bemuse you.


It's only for 2 seconds. In the PLOT SPOILER (as if it matters) part where Sentinel Prime starts babbling about Pillars that will transport Cybertron blah blah blah.


Then they go to Angkor Wat for 10 seconds, showing Decpticons revealing glowing metal pillars.


So don't blink when the movie gets to Angkor Wat, because then they show an evil Decepticon pillar floating above Bannerman's Island for 2 seconds.


I laughed out loud in the theatre.


I wonder why Bay chose Angkor Wat and... Bannerman's Island!? I know Jim Jarmusch has a place overlooking Bannerman Island, but I don't see Michael Bay and Jim Jarmusch traveling in the same social circles. But they are both prominent directors, so who knows what gave Bay the idea.


I really hope the Castle Trust got a nice chunk of Hollywood $$$ for that scene.


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