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Parking meters: bad idea. Not because of the hassle, but because it is offset by lost business.

You're just killing business. Which offsets any parking revenue, and then some.

Expand the side lot parking areas. And all of the unused parking potential on the East side near the creek as part of developments there.

Parking meters are a bad idea. You want to increase convenience, not hassle.

Any revenue gained will be smaller than the business driven away because of the aggravation.

Tourists don't *have* to come to Beacon. So don't give them a good reason not to. You want to make it easy and pleasant for them to visit. Or they won't.

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Comment by Ben Royce on March 4, 2016 at 3:08pm

they did a study already

the parking capacity is there, but just like you said, hard to incorporate into an easy stop and go

the study has a bunch of recommendations, but really they just need to one way certain streets the right direction and put up clear signage about where parking can be found as people are driving and wondering where to ditch their car

so at fishkill avenue, you drive one way on main st, both ways in opposite directions. at 9D you drive one way the other way. where the two flows meet, you have a big parking area on either side, so like around the DMV

the natural tendency then is to bunch up at the DMV and park, or to loop around a side street and find a side lot with signage indicating what part of main that you're parallel to that you wanted to visit

the other way, at east main, everyone is being shunted to park at one of those lots along the creek

in this way natural traffic flow and available parking, both current and extended stock, complement each other

Comment by TC on March 4, 2016 at 12:43pm

I agree that traffic flow is as much of a Main St parking issue as total parking spaces.

For example, the municipal lot behind the credit union and Rtie Aid is basically invisible to a visitor looking for a parking space. And if they do park there it's easy to get sidelined onto the one-way towards Verkpank. There are obvious signage and traffic flow issues that discourage use of existing spaces.

There are numerous ways to improve parking and Main St traffic flow that don't involve setting up  infrastructure for paid parking. Paid parking is an easy solution, and looking at the issue holistically is actual work.

Beacon needs a City Planner. The idea that dictating by zoning regulations and the constant erosion of those regulations through variances isn't getting the job done, and is (purposefully?) leaving the door open for abuse.

I've heard plenty of residents already complaining about the idea of $2 parking on Main St, with absolutely zero support for it.

Comment by Ben Royce on March 3, 2016 at 3:09pm

I deleted my original response to you because, upon reflection, I am not actually surprised that there are people who want Beacon to return to the days of an empty Main Street and no tourists: if there is such a thing as a Donald Trump supporter, any insane thing is possible.

They need to just open up some of those lots on the East side of Main to parking.

There's still plenty of room even with the construction.

Make them temporary lots. Then decide on something permanent in the interim.

I'm not an airhead, as some people in Beacon are, who believe we can make everyone bike and walk. At the same time, I also hate car congestion.

But automobile daytrippers to Beacon bring money to Beacon. We have to cater to them, not make it a hassle for them and drive them away, no pun intended.

I also think we need to make Main St a one way street, and the side streets in the other direction having bigger and more lots for parking. There are a few spots that can be used expand parking options.

Comment by TC on March 1, 2016 at 6:02pm

This has been discussed here before. Is Beacon really going to come out ahead financially on this, or is it another hairbrained scheme to "do something" about a problem without thinking deeply about the issue?

Main St Meters, again

One thing is for sure, without clear indications of where all municipal parking exists on Main St all this is going to do is frustrate visitors and reduce return visits. It's going to go over like a lead balloon with the locals, too.

When you hand out a variance that absolves parking requirements for a 12 room hotel in one of the tightest parking areas on Main St, you've got to keep those spots clear somehow. How about the 30+ apartment units likely to move into the Beacon Theater, riding in on the coattails of a parking variance from the 80s when it was a Church?

Buckle up for paid parking on Main St. Your local policy makers have a vision!

Besides, a good portion of this town DO want the tourists to go home. There's fresh graffiti on the walk to Dia that says exactly that. (can we clean that up, guys?)

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