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New York Times jumps on the Beacon real estate bandwagon

Beacon real estate is heating up.

Lots of shoutouts to names I recognize. The house two over from mine for sale is featured.

One shocker for me:

The mountain, immortalized on the New York State Seal, draws hikers.

I am embarrassed to say I had no idea!

In 1885, the 1850's version of the New York State Coat of Arms was selected by the Legislature as the "permanent design and legal form." According to Joseph Gavit in New York History, Volume XXXI, the seal symbolizes the following: 

Parts of New York State Seal Used By The Senate

1. In the center, a shield reveals the sun rising behind Mount Beacon over the Hudson River. "The shield symbolizes in the full sun the name and idea of Old York and the old world; the mountains, river and meadow, with the ships, convey the name and idea of New York in the new world."

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Comment by Ben Royce on June 12, 2014 at 2:38am

Mark: I'm all over your TOD article!

I wish I had the time to be more involved.

I talked to Randy about this idea: shove all the Orange County commuters down a widened Brockway Road up in Fishkill (across from the Rhinebeck Bank). Same distance to Exit 11 and Brockway is where that third rail line with the wooden platform you see in Beacon veers off and ends in the weeds currently. They have plenty of old industrial space there.

With a dedicated track, they can get their own 3 or 4 morning and evening express trains that terminate there on spare track.

Then close up 80% of the parking at Beacon: only Beacon residents can get parking permits.

Maybe even make a new Exit 11A, around where the highway is near Dutchess Stadium, to funnel right into Brockway. You'd catch all Dutchess county commuters as well as Orange county commuters.

It's not that crazy if it means quick easy access to a big parking garage for the drivers. With its own express stop. Considering future growth in the area and that Beacon can't handle much more traffic jams idling on 9D: Beacon wins, drivers win.

But I'm glad the TOD is back.

Let's make it work for a truly bike and pedestrian focused Beacon. And get some concessions from the MTA to do something, anything, with the old Beacon Line.

I've threatened to get a handcar on that thing and start my own pirate shuttle service. I think it was someone else's idea originally who posted the idea here.

Maybe we can do that, join me Mark: just for the PR stunt value, dress up in period clothes, get lots of pictures and video of us pumping a handcar to East Main, then run when the MTA cops show up.

Join us anyone else. Where do you buy a handcar? Heck, you could probably build one.

Comment by Mark Roland on June 12, 2014 at 1:11am

Ben, you need to read Wigwam. From a February post:

Stop the Incline, or Start the Spur?

Do we honestly believe the next 20 years will be about tourists looking to take a trolley up a small mountain? What about the next 50? Unfortunately, as we continue to learn, despite the inspired Latin “Excelsior” on the New York State Seal featuring our mountain, things do not go “ever upward”

Next time, there will be a quiz.

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