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Did anyone else see this article?


Check out this article:


They are keeping the boat in Kingston and are they now moving to Kingston?  After the sweat heart deal they got at USC?


I would love to get some info?



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Comment by Ben Royce on January 18, 2011 at 11:00am

I always thought the University Settlement Campus was an odd place to host Clearwater, since its so far from the water. But I always got the impression that the spiritual heart of the Clearwater organization, if not the logistical and operational heart, was with Pete Seeger, so the USC location made sense in that way.


I hope they are just expanding, not relocating.


As an aside, I've always thought that the inside area of Denning's Point would be perfect for hosting the Clearwater. I've heard chatter about the Beacon Institute doing something with the old factory property there, and there are the remains of some old docks, but I don't know if we are talking about dredging in order to get the boat in, which obviously would be problematic. Maybe around the Northern part of Dennings Point?


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