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Excellent PoJo Sunday Opinion Piece on the "Emergency" Parking Lot at the train station

A must read:

Now, instead of a few dozen Port Jervis line commuters being inconvenienced for a couple of months, all current and future Beacon residents must deal with 190 or so more car trips per day on 9D, along with the problems that brings to our health, safety, and quality of life, from the minute the lot opens and for the next 50 years or more. Many of those drivers will be taking the Newburgh-Beacon bridge from Orange County.


Thank you Mark Roland, Thomas Cunningham, and James Korn of Beacon Deserves Better

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Comment by Anna West on December 13, 2011 at 8:57pm

They did add some metered parking. They squeezed in some spots on the area where the taxis's are.  Maybe 15/20 cars, certainly not the same ratio to the 150.  I agree, why not more metered they get more money. Metered parking they have to give a cut to credit cards, maybe to the machine company too? Maybe it isn't so much money?  They also did not add any handicapped.

Comment by TC on December 13, 2011 at 9:13am

I'm not clear on what Hudson Baylor has to do with the MTA parking lot, especially when there is another thread here called "Hudson Baylor".

In any case, I would like to understand why the MTA added Permit Only parking spots when it would have been more helpful and more profitable for them to add metered spots. I parked up the hill, close to the police station, yesterday because (as always) there were no metered spots available. I had to walk past about 20 empty spots in the new lot in order to get back to the platform.

If the MTA wants to have a spite-fueled battle with Beacon that is their prerogative. It's a shame they couldn't be bothered to realize they would make more money and make more commuters happy by adding more metered parking instead.

Comment by U. Smith on December 8, 2011 at 7:40pm

I own multiple houses in Dutchess County, two of them are in Beacon. 

Comment by Anna West on December 8, 2011 at 6:47pm

U Smith, do you live in Fishkill or Beacon?    Just wondering.

Comment by U. Smith on December 8, 2011 at 10:42am

Just imagine  how the people livings all around the area  on Route 52- Fishkill Avenue will feel  dealing with the large number of Diesel haulers coming into Hudson Baylor. There is "no law" as someone had formerly  said, to stop them from coming right through Beacon. Their going to be lining up to come into the factory.....and they will be driving any route to get there the fastest!  If they come into and up through the city of  Beacon, past the old Beacon High School and Memorial Field...the trucks won't have to cross the street to get over the tracks and into the factory.Cars, trucks....I agree, we should have had the photographs, and traffic studies  showing the impact of 70+ ++ diesel haulers /per day on the Beacon Streets. the City should have made sure that any traffic studies that claimed to have been done reflected today's traffic and the impact of diesel haulers.   

Comment by Anna West on December 7, 2011 at 10:17pm

No, I think the situation should have been handled differently. I think the minute those cars showed up, a call for emergency funds for fancy/timed traffic lights should have been requested.  I live right by 9D and all that traffic, my street is half one way to prevent cars/taxis from cruising my street.  Idiot taxis still take short cuts that include running the stop sign in front of my house.  Now the cars are gone, parking lot in and we got nothing. Blaming the whole thing on Port Jervis means we can't even complain about the traffic now, when it is always a problem.

A lot of photographs/films/traffic counts should have been done to show the traffic so when the next TOD comes up you can show that we can't take any more cars.    Was that done?  They claim it was something like 50 cars (I have to look at the article) when I think it was many more.

Comment by Gregory H Strong on December 7, 2011 at 9:35pm

What were the greatest objections to the original MTA/Metro-North Railroad Transit Oriented Development (TOD) project rejected by the City Council in July 2010?  Did the Mayor offer a revised proposal?

What concessions might one expect to be able to get from the MTA?

Comment by Ben Royce on December 7, 2011 at 8:15pm



The MTA is a public service corporation. It is owned by us and accountable to us. Us being those millions who live in the larger service region.


But here in Beacon, we deserve concessions from the MTA, and the wider region, because Beacon is playing host for a major transit point for lots more than just those of us who live here. If we're the host, then you, me, everyone here in the City of Beacon: we have a right to have a say in what happens, anything that happens. Because the waterfront is not "their" property. Who are "they"? The MTA. The MTA being our property, part of our government.


Also, the TOD issue is going to come up again. The opinions you see written here and by BDB are the kind of subjects that will filter through our Mayor and City Council, and a TOD taskforce, and be involved with any negotiations about the TOD. It's not whining. It's concerns about what we want to happen on our waterfront. This is only the beginning of collecting concerns.


If Beacon allows a TOD, and in what form, or even if there is no TOD at all: there will be concessions for Beacon, because of Beacon playing host for such an important transit point for the larger region. We're doing something for everyone else by having our living environment compromised by the needs of everyone else who just drive and park here. So we deserve something in return for that.


The MTA exists to serve our wants and needs. Of course the MTA is corrupt. Of course when you filter our concerns through politics, all sorts of sausage comes out. So that means we should stop being involved? For those who don't care, or who are cynical that they have no influence: you get exactly the government you bargain for. Well, I am aiming for a different bargain: I want a government that's going to respond to my needs. And so does BDB. And so does a whole lot of other people in Beacon. And we're going to get results.


Comment by Anna West on December 7, 2011 at 6:11pm

They printed a letter in our paper, Beacon Free Press.  Pretty much tit for tat, we turned down TOD and it is their property.

Comment by Gregory H Strong on December 7, 2011 at 9:11am

Why don't we build a parking garage, and install toll gates to access all parking areas.  Charge everyone a couple bucks a day to get to the parking, and then hit them for the parking itself.  If you want the luxury of parking close to the train, you pay for it.

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