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10 out of 10 election district(s) reported.
Randy J. Casale 1,841 56.060% X
Steven K. Gold 1,441 43.879%  
Write-in 2 0.061%  
TOTAL 3,284 100.000%  


10 out of 10 election district(s) reported.
Timothy G. Pagones 2,128 99.672% X
Write-in 7 0.328%  
TOTAL 2,135 100.000%  


CITY OF BEACON - Councilmember Ward 1
2 out of 2 election district(s) reported.
Diane M. Spiak-Pisanelli 382 50.596% X
Marlene M. Fredericks 372 49.272%  
Write-in 1 0.132%  
TOTAL 755 100.000%  


CITY OF BEACON - Councilmember Ward 2
3 out of 3 election district(s) reported.
Pamela A. Seegler 306 44.412%  
Charles P. Kelly 383 55.588% X
Write-in 0 0.000%  
TOTAL 689 100.000%  


CITY OF BEACON - Councilmember Ward 3
3 out of 3 election district(s) reported.
Agnes M. Compagnone 481 52.283% X
Benjamin A. Giardullo 439 47.717%  
Write-in 0 0.000%  
TOTAL 920 100.000%  


CITY OF BEACON - Councilmember Ward 4
2 out of 2 election district(s) reported.
Sara J. Pasti 381 52.335% X
Thomas J. Cunningham 347 47.665%  
Write-in 0 0.000%  
TOTAL 728 100.000%  


CITY OF BEACON - Councilmember At Large
10 out of 10 election district(s) reported.
Joseph J. Galbo 1,498 24.513%  
Justin J. Riccobono 1,547 25.315% X
George M. Mansfield 1,552 25.397% X
Ali T. Muhammad 1,505 24.628%  
Write-in 9 0.147%  
TOTAL 6,111 100.000%


11 out of 11 election district(s) reported.
Ori P. Brachfeld 1,038 48.122%  
Alison E. Macavery 1,119 51.878% X
Write-in 0 0.000%  
TOTAL 2,157 100.000%  


8 out of 8 election district(s) reported.
John V. Forman 1,207 50.629% X
Gennaro G. Landisi 1,175 49.287%  
Write-in 2 0.084%  
TOTAL 2,384 100.000%


247 out of 247 election district(s) reported.
Daniel J. French 19,816 38.344%  
Marcus J. Molinaro 31,822 61.575% X
Write-in 42 0.081%  
TOTAL 51,680 100.000%  


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Comment by Ben Royce on November 12, 2011 at 7:54pm

Yeah everyone listen to Jo's comment here:


I'm a lifelong Democrat who turned into a backstabbing betrayer and endorsed Randy, but we need to give Randy a shot. I'm sorry, but during the debates, Randy practically went into the audience and whispered sweet nothings into my ear about the Beacon Line, my crank issue: 





Yes, on the national stage, Republicans are pretty much economically illiterate and vicious thugs on social issues, but this is local politics. Plus, what it means to be Republican, in the Northeast, reach back a few years: completely different meaning than the national stereotype that is the Republican brand today. So we shouldn't be so blindly partisan, give Randy a fair shot. Clear your minds. If Randy does something in his term that pisses you off, by all means, tell everyone about it,  post about it here. But he hasn't even sat down in the mayor's chair yet. And BTW, on the Beacon Line, I've had a few meetings around town on the issue last week, real movement is possible now. Randy headed the Highway Department in Beacon for 25 years. He's an infrastructure guy. No one knows infrastructure in Beacon better than Randy Casale. And look at the video above about what that infrastructure guy said last month about the Beacon Line. It means something: it's real vision on Randy's part.

Look for movement on the Beacon Line folks, literal and figurative. I know it's not going to be easy. It's going to be a hail mary pass. Dealing with the MTA will not be easy. It will be all about who we talk to, and about what. And if we talk to the wrong people, on the wrong subjects, we can be stuck in limbo for years, I know that. But we're going to make a serious try here in Beacon and Fishkill now.


Anyone who wants to get involved, please contact me at the email listed at . Myself, Kevin, others: we're working the political connections now, trying to put something serious together. No more daydreaming, now it's execution time.


Comment by Preach It on November 11, 2011 at 12:55pm

It is not deleted, someone did something with the post listing to MY news post. You can only see it if you are logged on. Smith create a group about this subject you speak of so that people interested can discuss without this nonsense.

Comment by U. Smith on November 11, 2011 at 11:15am

I posted yeaterday about the seriousness of using out-of-towner lawyers who sold Beacon out and how that impacted on the current election. I'm a realistic environmentalist, however, my comments pointed out the fact that regarding certain very large projects such as Hudson Baylor and the 400 residential units ( both which are notably located  directly ON the Fishkill Creek, which Many of us spent Years trying to Clean-Up) Mayor Gold was avoident and acted deaf to serious, intelligently based  concerns and issues. He acted like he was protected by the City attorney, who recused himself from any issues regarding The Hudson Baylor Project due to conflict  of interest.  FOR SOME REASON MY ENTIRE POST WAS DELEATED....THAT CERTAINLY DOES NOT POINT OUT THIS SITE AS OPEN AND TRANSPARENT!   EVERYTHING IN MY POST WAS VERIFIABLE AND TRUE.  WHY WAS IT CUT!  this type of behavior is reminisent of the Old Mayor Tomlins Administration where they refused to allow "freedom of information" (FOIL) to be used and communication was restricted. This forum should not be used to protect any politicians from the truth of their actions. It doesn't matter what side your on, closed protective practices will only hurt Beacon. Please let people reply rather then take down respectable thoughtful information you may nnot agree with. That's  make for true Republic-Democracy .  

Comment by TC on November 9, 2011 at 4:48pm

As long as you've got someone to blame for your perceived social wrongs you're all good, Preach It. I bet you've got anyone you see on Main Street sized up from 50 yards away. Keep it real, man.

Your trolling is definitely more powerful than Waving willie's on this one. Kudos for reelin' 'em in.

Comment by Preach It on November 9, 2011 at 4:41pm

I got these comments from that video. I guess that Hipsters are the new yuppies?


"Who's more annoying? Hipsters or Yuppies?"Roguemember 


"No one is talking about people who work on Wall St you tard. How many Wall St guys do you think live in hipster-yuppie neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Park Slope? Try NONE. They all live in the city or LI, NJ, Westchester, etc.

The pasty bearded inbred hipster-yuppie scumbags who took over neighborhoods like Park Slope and Williamsburg don't work real jobs; they do nothing but hang out in cafes all day sipping $6 organic tea and staring at their Macbooks paid for by Daddy back in the burbs."smackitupNflipit


This is just an FYI to the ones that asked what yuppies are. These people do not bother me, I am just putting out the info. Thanks for the sympathy Benny-boy but I do not need it.



Hipsters are the new yuppie.

Comment by Ben Royce on November 9, 2011 at 3:04pm

Preach It, I actually have some sympathy for you.


I was born in Danbury, grew up in the same 1850s farmhouse my mom grew up in, I am what used to be called a "Swamp Yankee" in the pejorative. My cousins have 500 head of dairy cattle in Columbia County. My ancestors called the Catskills the Blue Mountains, a continuation of the White and Green Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, from their perspective, moving West from New England, much to the newcomer versus old timer complaints I am sure by the Dutch at that time.


Our nearest neighbor was a mile away through a swamp. This is of course before everything turned into a bedpost town of a bunch of subdivisions. So I understand the dislike of newcomers, I've felt it myself, but I've come to grips with the feeling and moved past it.


Newcomers versus old timers is everywhere, even up in rich Rhinebeck. It's not about race. It's not about money. It's not even that bad here in the Hudson Valley. My brother-in-law, from Cooperstown, we were just talking this weekend about this article, which features death threats between newcomer and old timer:


Computer-generated, unsigned and sent to about 10 other opponents of a practice known as fracking, it compared them to Nazis and said they were being watched while picking up their children at school in their minivans.

Jennifer Huntington’s abuse is more public, like comments online suggesting that people find out where her dairy sells its milk so that they can stop buying it, or the warning that her farm, which has a lease with a gas company, “will fall like a house of cards when your water is poisoned.” She and other drilling proponents have also been called “sellout landowners that prostitute themselves for money.”


And then I really felt this:


“The term we use is pastoral poverty,” she said. “You have farmers trying to hold on to land that’s been in their family for 100 to 200 years. People like the landscape, but it’s people living in poverty who are maintaining what they like to look at.”


Exactly! It makes my blood boil. The newcomers don't want the people who have been on the land for centuries to appreciate any wealth, simply because it interferes with their Norman Rockwell postcard views. At that point, I am perfectly ready and willing to go all Earth Liberation Front and start burning down McMansions built on farmland I grew up with as a child. So I can easily get back into the newcomer versus old timer hatred inside me.


But yo know what Preach It? I don't. You know why? Because it's dumb stupid hatred on my part. It lessens who you are as a person to give into that. It's an inability on your part to see the world as more complex than your tiny little piece of it. Every place in this world features newcomer versus old timers. And in a generation, the newcomers are now the old timers hating on some other set of newcomers. It's just silly. Unless you are an actual member of the Wappinger confederacy, YOU are a newcomer Preach It, really.


You need to let go of the hate, son, it doesn't help you, it only hurts you. Welcome the newcomers to Beacon: they are improving Beacon. I'm sure you are glad it isn't like it used to be like the late 1980s. And if you don't see how newcomers are the ones who helped change that, you're crazy.


Comment by Gregory H Strong on November 9, 2011 at 2:54pm

I think what some need to keep,in mind, is that both "sides" here (on BeaconCitizen) barely (if at all) actually represent the greater majority of Beacon.  We are the bleeding edge of citizens that enjoy conversing digitally.  The reality is that Beacon is represented much better out on the street.  You talk to each other in Nichols and at Key Food or Sukothai, etc.  Some of us say hello in passing to absolute strangers on the street.  That is Beacon.  

Yes, we have different ideas about what is needed to run the city and by whom it should be represented.  For the most part, all those that seek or win office have the same general ideals about what the place should look like at the end of the day.  Is one "side" or the other going to willfully destroy your vision of Beacon?  Of course not.  They (all of them) will put forth the ideas that their constituencies have deemed important.  If there is merit, it will be voted upon and if it wins the day, acted upon.  Beacon will always win.

We may be down a Dog park for a time, or without a Skate Park.  We may hold the line on taxes and pay for trash.  Or not.  Maybe we'll turn off the streetlights.  Inconveniences, all.  And that is all.

Beacon will continue to grow economically and communally.  There will always be the loud naysayers and vocal opponents to almost everything.  They are a vital part of the system.  Buried in their rhetoric, and sometimes in their blatant ad hominum attacks, are the occasional nuggets of truth and information.  Things that are at least remembered, and recalled if seen again.  I'm not advocating for trolls and firestarters.  I'm not condoning their actions or standing up for their rights (which they do have).  Simply saying that we all have something to contribute.  We just need to be listened to sometimes.

Congratulations to the winners last night, and thanks to the winners they will soon replace.

I am Spartacus!  :-)

Comment by Preach It on November 9, 2011 at 2:35pm

This one really comment really hit home:

"These so-called white people spend their whole life running from Black and Hispanic people, just to move back 30 years later and cause economic misery in our lives, what cracks me up is how they move in and try to act like they dont see you when there walking the streets, Im so glad they still have Housing projects in Williamsburg, cause when I get off the J train at Marcy Avenue I can honestly say Im happy to see my Hispanic and Black people still in Williamsburg! Gentrification is Genocide!" MALIKG7D


Because this is what is happening here.

Comment by K9 on November 9, 2011 at 2:06pm

Thank you Ben..It continues to be disturbing that people here are so divided...Beaconites vs. Newcomers..It is actually almost scary. So there is something to the saying "Ignorance is bliss"..

Comment by Ben Royce on November 9, 2011 at 1:47pm

It's perfectly all right that you don't like yuppies Preach It. The issue is that you call people and things yuppies that are not really yuppies. I think what you dislike are newcomers to Beacon. You seem to have defined such people as yuppies, although that term is not accurate.


I think that you entire attitude is basically unfair, as newcomers can and do a lot for Beacon that native born Beacon residents benefit from. You should welcome newcomers. Change is good. But I encourage you to keep posting on this site, no matter if you dislike newcomers or not. I just wish you could talk about topics without every single post of yours focusing like a laser on  this prejudicial obsession of yours about natives versus newcomers. There's a lot more going on in Beacon. Talk about those things instead.


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