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Yay! The Transit Oriented District is coming back!

The thing that blew my mind about the sinking of the T.O.D. last time is: there is no better way to boost biking and walking, and increase Beacon Main Street business, than a large captive audience of people in train dependent housing a couple hundred yards away.

But there was loud opposition of people who had those concerns as their motivation *against*, somehow. There seemed to be a logical disconnect.

There is the overblown and contrived issue of the viewshed. We're not building 10 story buildings. Even 5 story buldings don't obstruct the view from the foot of Main Street. But even so, if the viewshed is so important to you, why aren't you campaigning to cut down all of the trees? Exactly.

Almost anything is better than a giant parking lot as far as views. Additionally, before "Urban Renewal" in the 1960s nuked old Beacon from 9D down to the shore, Beacon used to be urban all the way down. This is a return to the past, not an alien encroachment. Therefore, whoever is planning the new T.O.D. should pay attention to historical architecture and make sure the development blends with the character of our city.

There is also the valid issue of additional business space that was planned for previous T.O.D. I don't see why we need *any* business space there. Well, maybe a pizzeria and a dry cleaner, but keep it extremely minimal. The point is we don't want to take business away from Main Street, we want to add customers to Main Street. So anyone planning the new T.O.D., please listen: very minimal new business space please, only residential, if you don't want resistance.

Finally, there is the dead Industrial Park off Brockway in Fishkill:

Put a parking garage there. Then, like in Connecticut, only a handful of parking permits at Beacon Station would be allowed, and only to Beacon residents (like, only half of the River side parking lot would continue to exist).

Next, expand 9D up to Brockway and widen Brockway. Or even making a new 11A exit cutting through the Dutchess Stadium area (although that is truly a little too ambitious). Then Orange County commuters go there to get to the city on special superexpress trains with only 125th or Grand Central as their next stop. The shopping center across from Dutchess Stadium would love the new business, so Fishkill would support, and Orange County would too: their commuters don't like waiting in traffic on 9D in Beacon any more than we do, and they don't want local trains, they want to get to the city fast.

This is that third track with it's own forlorn wooden platform at Beacon station. This track takes a slight turn and ends at the old Brockway industrial site. So the tracks are already ready for this.


An extremely important addendum dear to my heart:

Let us use the f#@*~! Beacon Line MTA!

Make that a condition of approval of the T.O.D. Imagine if we could bike up to the Dutchess County Rail Trail from Beacon. It means just a small trail alongside the unused tracks, like Scenic Hudson already does with the Klara Sauer Trail to Dennings Point from Long Dock. It really is not a big deal except for the obstinance and lack of awareness from the MTA. So we make them aware by packaging use of the Beacon Line with approval of the T.O.D. It's the only way too get them to notice or care.

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Comment by Ben Royce on August 3, 2015 at 10:22pm


That's what I'm talking about Randy, I love it.

Thank you!

Beacon mayor wants to create rail-trail on unused tracks

BEACON – The portion of the Harlem Valley Line of Metro-North that is currently not in use could be used for a rail trail, Beacon Mayor Randy Casale said.

Casale said the railroad does not want to remove the tracks in the event they are needed in a diversionary situation.

“If we can set a trail alongside of them right in their easement that makes sense because if they ever want to back trains or trolleys, you have the tracks in there,” the mayor said. “Once you take them out, you will never put them back. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but now they want to look how they could realign them so they can give us 25 foot right-of-way so we can separate the tracks from the bike trail.”Casale said he would like to explore the possibility of running a train from Fishkill to the Beacon train station.

Some further ammo: at least in the big turn, in Beacon, where things are tight, they are never ever going to be running trains fast. Because of the big turn: they simply can't run them fast.

So maybe up in Fishkill they can get a nice head of steam and the 25 feet becomes important. But then there's also more space when the line straightens out for that extra room.

Meanwhile, in Beacon, you can run the trail as tight as the Klara Sauer trail to Dennings Point, because no train is going to be going fast there, at all, ever, simply as a matter of physical impossibility: you can't run trains fast on that giant turn.

This is important because there are a lot of tight spots in Beacon where a 25 foot right-of-way would be hard to get.

Comment by Ben Royce on July 28, 2015 at 11:02pm

Amy: do you know the third track at Beacon? The one with it's own wooden platform?

Shortly above the Newburgh Beacon bridge a spur comes off that rail, to at an old industrial site at the end of Brockway Road (see the link above).

Put a parking garage there, and all Orange County commuters can catch a superexpress train there to NYC.

They don't like sitting on 9D in Beacon any more than we do. Widening 9D up to Brockway, and Borckway means they get in quick, and have their own parking garage. They save time, we have less hassle. And the railbed is already there to make it work.

Then no one can get parking pass at Beacon station except Beacon residents (like they do in some CT towns). The parking area would be greatly reduced, like to just the River side, or less.

Comment by Amy Brosey on July 26, 2015 at 9:10am

I feel that anything that limits parking at the Beacon train station is probably a bad idea.  There is already inadequate parking at the station, and the station is poorly maintained by the MTA (urine odor every morning, waist-high weeds in the landscaping, trash everywhere).  Part of the appeal of Beacon and surrounding areas is the ease of commuting to NYC.  Do you mean building a new station north of Beacon?  Or having commuters bused from a parking garage on Brockway to the Beacon station?  Maybe I am not understanding this correctly.  It will be interesting to see what the council comes up with.

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