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What A Shame! From The Mouth Of Babes "Nothing Happening At Sargent and Downing Gardens!" The Sound Of Children In The Garden Has Faded.

     I founded Sargent and Downing Gardens to pay tribute to this great City of Beacon. Henry Winthrop Sargent and Andrew Jackson Downing have played a huge role in American Horticulture, and one could say it started right here. My car accident a year ago really took a toll on me and slowed me down. The way the current President and Treasurer were doing things just are not right. This caused The Executive Board and I to leave the group .
      I can really say that the Sargent and Downing Gardens was great, served the community and really touched the lives of many families and children. The community participation and support was great!
For example, I started it to also teach my children about Community and volunteering. A few days ago I took my son Adam and family out for dinner to celebrate his tenth birthday , Afterwards we were driving home and he said, " You know dad what you are doing is not right". I asked him what he meant. Out of nowhere he exclaimed, "If she is a bad President and they are ruining Sargent and Downing, you should do something!" That ten year old boy really did learn something in the garden and he made me so proud. He learned about Community, volunteering and serving the City of Beacon. He was proud of his Sargent and Downing Gardens. The children are absent and the community has nothing happening there. I say remove the squatters and grow the children, trees and plants once again. Thank you. Adam Cabo and Happy Birthday! "Adam Cabo,I hope the entire community hears your message as clearly as I did."

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Comment by Steve Knowles on July 21, 2014 at 8:52am

Is the garden the fenced area to the left of hole #5 of the Beacon Glades disc golf course?  There are some tomatoes and other things growing in there now, but based on the quantity of weeds, I wonder if those plants are the result of seeds from past years crops.  (if nobody is tending that garden this year, I will gladly relieve the plants of their tomatoes ;) )

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