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Wanted: Part time Administrative Assistant at First Presbyterian Church




Major Responsibilities

Support the ministry and mission of First Presbyterian Church through communication, coordination, and administration.   Work closely with Pastor and other church leadership to provide support for their initiatives.  Reflect the church’s hospitality to church members, visitors, and inquirers.


Compensation: $15 per hour         Work week: 9am-noon/ 4 days per week (Tues. – Fri.)


Specific Responsibilities


            Administration: 40%

1.         Maintains church records and files, including membership, employee files, deaths, baptisms, marriages, etc.

2.         Implement data management systems that allow interface with a variety of technical competencies.

3.         Maintains master digital calendar and updates monthly calendars.

4.         Maintains office supplies, including ordering new materials.

5.         Manage and account for building keys.

6.         Maintains all supplies and equipment needed for office functioning.

7.         Prepares office budget to be submitted to finance committee.


Communication: 40%

1.         Manages office email with prompt responses

2.         Manages phones and phone messages with prompt responses

3.         Manages electronic updates, including weekly email to members, weekly web page updates, and event updates on social networks.

4.         Collects and collates reports for monthly session meetings and annual congregational meetings

5.         Provides publicity for events/activities in local media.


            Worship: 30%

1.         Formats weekly worship bulletin under guidance of Pastor 

2.         Coordinates worship and announcements with pastor and all others involved in Sunday worship.

3.         Prepares weekly worship bulletins (regular, large print, and children’s), including copying, collating, folding, and mailing.



  • Commitment to supporting the ministry of Christ’s church in this congregation
  • Strong organizational skills/Self-starter/Problem-solver
  • Strong people skills, comfortable in working with a variety of people from different backgrounds
  • Comfort in using basic word processing, spreadsheets, powerpoint, and database software, as well as simple web communications like Facebook, Google Sites, etc.

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