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For those who were unable to attend- Last night (Tuesday July 28th) there was a informational meeting held for Beacon citizens regarding community watch program and neighborhood watch. Thank you to Detective Don Williams from Beacon police and Beacon citizen Kathy Deutermann for organizing it.
Every Beacon citizen needs to be aware that there is a BIG gang problem in Beacon. Last week a Beacon resident was attacked. The resident was very lucky and was not hurt too badly. The police are working hard on hopefully whoever did this will be apprehended. It is important that more people become aware of the growing gang incidents and crimes, and what we all should do as neighbors and citizens to make beacon a safer place to live.
Neighborhoods and streets need to unite and form neighborhood watches. We are the eyes and the ears for the police. Yes the police force is under staffed, they might not be able to address every issue immediately but, with every call, with every citizen trying to make Beacon a safer better place to live, Beacon will become a better and safer place to live.
To get more information on how you as a citizen can help and how to form your own street or neighborhood watch please contact Detective Don Williams at 845-838-5061. You can set up a meeting for your neighbors or street and Det. Williams will go over important information on how to make your street or neighborhood a safer place to live.

For more information you can also visit the below website:

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