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Hi Beacon, There is a lot of media coverage about the conditions in N.Y.C.,N.J. and the coastal areas.Today I am going to have to drive down to inspect the NYC Parks for tree damage and park safety conditions after the storm breaks.

      I just want to say that everyone should be extra careful in areas of the Hudson Valley because we do have a very large number of very large and old trees which are at risk to fall under these very high wind conditions. Many of these old trees like the ones I have been talking and writing about like the ones that were planted by Henry Winthrop Sargent and Andrew Jackson Downing are very susceptible to falling or loosing some of there old branches.

     Be aware of trees falling that may down power lines and flooded areas,because the possibility of electrocution is a real danger.Do not get out of cars if you get caught in a flooded area,call 911 to get help.

    Also areas where roads, and railways were built always impact the life of surrounding trees so be very extra careful in areas like 9D and route 9 because the tree are extra stressed in those locations.

       Beacon is a tree city, so try and stay indoors for your own safety until things are calm and under control, and stay away from windows as much as possible.

I wish you and your families well and good luck through the hurricane.Sincerely, Richie Cabo


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Comment by Ben Royce on August 28, 2011 at 10:37pm

Yeah my wife and I spent a whole bunch of money we don't have cutting off a bunch of huge dead branches from our giant sycamore in our front yard Saturday morning.


Halfway through, they found a bunch of rot at the crown. Enough wind, and crack: the whole crown would come off. So, safety over aesthetics, we gave the nod to the arborist, and... it was like someone dropped a car from 4 stories up: BOOM, the ground shook. Wish I had it on video.


Now the poor old thing looks like a Cat 5 hit it: ugly, stunted, scraggly. But it had to be done, we don't want some giant limb or the crown cracking and flying off and killing someone or crushing a car or flying into a neighbor's roof or our roof. The arborist says it should grow back healthier now in a few years, but it will look ugly and stunted for awhile.


If it doesn't grow back, we will have to bite the bullet in a year or so and spend yet even more money we don't have and have it cut up and carted away, which would be a shame, it really is (was) a grand old sycamore, 3 centuries old the arborist said.


One final tip I learned from the arborist everyone should know as everyone makes the chainsaw rounds tomorrow: sycamore dust is toxic. Don't breathe it. So if you are cutting up sycamore logs, use a mask.


I think mother nature is trying to kill us!


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