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The drama in our Board of Ed is becoming a slow motion car crash, and it's rather disgusting, and all of Beacon should know about it.

If you're a parent the focus should be on educating our kids, not pointless useless drama. If you're a taxpayer you should know you're paying for a ridiculous musical chairs act with superintendents that is costing you a lot (eight in 8 years! each a signing bonus, severance, ongoing healthcare, etc.).

The good news is that parents are involved and interested, and shining a bright spotlight on dark corners where roaches dwell, scattering them.

Apparently 400 (400!) parents showed up at Monday's meeting (which was canceled because of that: can't actually be responsive to the community you serve, right Board of Ed?).

As long as parents are involved, good things will happen for our kids, and much of the ridiculous drama can be smoothed over, clean up, and moved past.

Demand a responsible, responsive, well-functioning school administration. Let's deal with educating kids instead of petty power struggles with various egos, shall we?

For a quick rundown of the drama, there's an odd and dysfunctional power struggle going on:

Monday most Board members miraculously checked out sick or with some other excuse of having to blow dry their hair or groom there pets or whatever when tons of parents showed up:

Tonight they had a secret session:

And it was "fun":

Stay tuned.


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Comment by Ben Royce on February 21, 2016 at 8:28pm


a defamation lawsuit

wounded egos, versus the education of our children

consider the salaries, buyouts, lawyers costs, and settlements here. over soap opera level drama

and then consider the actual;funding that gets to actual programs for our kids

Comment by Ben Royce on January 27, 2016 at 9:28am

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