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Storm Information and Street Parking Rules

Dear residents and visitors,


The storm beginning October 29th may take several tracks before the full extent of its blow will be known. The city is taking all necessary precautions. The Emergency Preparedness Committee consisting of the City Administrator and key representatives of the Highway, Police, Fire, Ambulance and School departments are all on call and ready. The Highway Department staff is on call and ready. If there are extended power outages the Beacon High School will be used as an emergency shelter; the school is prepared for that eventuality (wait for notification on the radio - see below)


Cautions are extended to people driving on slick roads and blowing snow. Because of the heavy weight of the snow and wind the possibilities increase that power lines may come down. Be extremely cautions if you see a line on the street. Do not approach it. Call the Beacon Police Department at 831-4111 or 911 immediately.


The City will declare a state of emergency if the roads become impassable for emergency vehicles. In that event only emergency vehicles are allowed to drive on the streets. Remember if there are more than 2 inches of snow, cars are not permitted to park in the street. Ask a friend to use their driveway if you don’t have one of your own. You can use the city parking lots off Main Street however the car must be moved before 24 hours so that we can plow the lot.


City of Beacon emergency information will be broadcast at the following radio stations:

101.5, 106.1, 97.7, 96.9, 94.3, 97.3, 92.7


Thank you, have fun, be safe, but honker down if it gets bad....


( I used to love the snow)


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