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We have been holding emergency preparedness discussions since Thursday. All city services are on high alert and available plus additional staff will be working Saturday night through Sunday afternoon at the Police Department (831-4111) and the sewage treatment department. The City Administrator and I will be available in Beacon throughout the storm to coordinate our response. I can be reached anytime at 249-5571


Our emergency preparedness committee meetings were held at 11AM and 3PM at city hall, and included the Police Chief, Fire Chief, Highway Supervisor, Sewer and Water Supervisor, Beacon School District and other key personnel. All branches of our government will be in full communication throughout the storm. 


The Beacon Police are available to help you during the storm or if you see a dangerous condition such as debris on the roads. Call them at 831-4111. We made additional officers available to serve your emergency needs. Stay away from the waterfront, there is strong possibility of a storm surge that will flood the area west of the tracks.


One of the precautions we have taken included renting an emergency backup generator for the sewage treatment facility in the event of a power outage. We are in contact with the director of the Beacon Housing Authority and Wingate. We will be monitoring homes along the Fishkill Creek that are prone to flooding. The road to the west side of the MTA train station will be closed after Saturday evening.  


City of Beacon emergency information will be broadcast at the following radio stations:









Thank you,

Steve Gold, Mayor

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