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Somehow, while talking to my 10 year old son, this subject came up....

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Comment by Gregory H Strong on December 9, 2008 at 10:57pm
Someday I plan to have a collection Jay Leno could be proud of.

But no, we were talking about bicycles while picking out a couple raffle bikes for his schools Family Fun Night, and I, of course had to start rambling about how we used to make chopped stingrays with banana seats, a sissy bar, and a six foot whip flag. Which of course caused a cross eyed giddy smirk. Sissy bar? Banana seat? Oh, brother. No really, they WERE cool. RIGHT... No, really, look, when we get home I'll Google them. You'll see. My fascination has far outlived his I guess. By 36 years and counting.

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