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Seeking advertisers for the Open Studios catalog

This year Beacon Open Studios will be publishing a full-color, multi-page catalog whose 5000 copies will be distributed throughout the Hudson Valley. The catalog is scheduled to come out on September 1 giving you 4 weeks to reach your target audience with your ad. It will feature a map of the city, to advertisers and to artists' studios. Open Studios artists will each have a listing with their studio info and a single photo of their work.


Quarter page 2.5" x 4" vertical $110
Half page 4" x 5" $190
Inside covers 5.5" x 8.5" $475

Deadline to reserve space is July 20th.
contact Theresa Goodman at 718-612-5342 for details


In 2010 Riverfest rocked, Electric Windows was amazing, Windows on Main stopped people in their tracks. All of these public art events bring people to Beacon. They come for the music and the art, and they need to eat and drink while they are here. Over 2700 people showed up at Riverfront Park for Riverfest. Over 4000 people came out for Electric Windows. Last year’s Beacon Open Studios brought hundreds of people into the city and we expect many more this year thanks to the rising number of artists involved.

There is no denying that art in Beacon is good for local businesses.

Beacon Open Studios is the only event that takes place all over the city and it is the only event that has a special map printed to guide people around town. This year we will be printing a full color catalog with a distribution of 5000 copies. Advertising in the Open Studios catalog puts you in direct contact with people who will be walking around thinking “Where can I go to eat? Where can I get a cup of coffee?”

Advertising in the Beacon Open Studios catalog gets you:
•    Full color display ad at no extra charge
•    A focused audience of visitors to Beacon
•    Distribution of 5000 beginning 4 weeks in advance of the event
•    A presence on the website


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