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Sargent & Downing Gardens Brings Trees To The Beacon Of the Cities Of Trees. The Highlight this Year Is The Hubie Jackson Santa Clause Tree Which Was Planted At Hiddenbrooke!

Today The City Of Beacon by order of the Mayor Randy Casalle partnered with Sargent and Downing Gardens. Two years ago Richie Cabo started the Namesake Tree project through Sargent and Downing Gardens. Gary Wood the the treasurer for Sargent and Downing Gardens donated four trees, one for each of his lovely daughters. Richie donated the 9/11 Survivor Tree clone for Noga Cabo, a Golden Rain Tree grown from seed by Adam Cabo and a Lilac tree for Zohar Cabo.People Bicycle donated a Thundercloud plum, Kelly Ellenwood donated two trees for her daughters, Gaetan and Paul Banks had two trees for their children and Clearwater donated a tree at the Green Street Park along with two other trees that The Sargent and Downing gardens donated to the Green Stree Park.  

     This year when the Mayor asked for help with trees on Main Street & Hiddenbrooke the Sargent ~ Downing Gardens restarted the 2013 Namesake Tree Project once again.

     While Richie Cabo and Miss Vickie were at the Spirit Of Beacon table talking about this years 2013 Namesake Tree Project. One of the Jackson families daughters was talking to Richie Cabo about planting a tree for her father.A few days later 80 years old Vie Jackson caleed Richie to ask about planting a tree for her husband Hubie Jackson who was known as the Beacon Santa Clause for 50 years.She talked about the fact that when he was 17 he was to young to work on the equipment at the Nabisco factory so they put him in a Santa Suit for Christmas and for the next fifty years he was Santa around Beacon for the different clubs and events around town. Hubie passed away in 1984. Today we planted a Fagus Silvatica American Purple Beech tree for his memory  to live on.I Am Beacon also donated a Aristocrat Flowering Pear tree. The idea is for the tree to grow as I Am Beacon will grow said, Ruben the President of I Am Beacon. Vie Jackson's son a in Westchester also planted a tree for his Grand Parents

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