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Dear Residents,

There are a few items that I want to bring to your attention…

Road Repaving:

Good news is hard to find these days so…. on behalf of the Beacon City Council I have some to communicate. At the special council meeting on July 27th 2009 there was unanimous agreement to apply county funds earmarked exclusively for highway improvements (called CHIPS) to the following road resurfacing projects: (1) Spring Valley (Est.$72,000). (2) Wolcott from Sargent Ave to South Ave.(est.$80,000). (3) South Ave from Commerce to Rombout Ave. (est.$54,000). (4) Blackburn Ave. ($36,000). (5) Main St from South St. to the Cul de sac (est.$75,000). (6) Howland from E. Main to Wolcott (est. $95,000). That is six roads to be resurfaced and the Orchard/Talbot road project of 2008-09 is complete.

Of course the road the entire city would most like to be reconstructed is Teller Ave and Fishkill Ave (Route 52). Unfortunately the solution is more complicated and more expensive than the others. It does not qualify for Federal stimulus money; however, 95% is to be paid for by the Federal and State governments (all good) and is projected to cost approximately 5 million dollars. The city was informed that there will be delays in the approval process because Federal and State resources are being applied to stimulus projects. This delay may lead to less money being available than originally projected and a loss of reimbursements for engineering costs. The original construction date was planned to begin in the spring of 2011 but at this point the city cannot obtain any firm commitments from Federal and State agencies as to approval dates, available funds, or engineering reimbursements. One more point, CHIPS funding (described above) cannot be applied to a resurfacing of the road while we wait for full reconstruction. I will keep you posted as more news becomes available.

Hiddenbrooke Park:

The Park is open to the public for passive recreational use, including hiking on the trails, picnicing and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Hiddenbrooke was purchased by the City in November 2007, at the end of Mayor Clara Lou Gould's administration. The entrance to Hiddenbrooke is located on Depuyster Avenue near the entrance to the Carmelite Monastery. There will be new signage posted in a few weeks to identify the entrance. There were a few challenges that accompanied the City's purchase of Hiddenbrooke. The City had originally secured three grants that amount to $1,100,000 ($350,000 from State Parks, $550,000 from the County and $200,000 from State Senator Stephen Saland). To date we have received the funding from Senator Saland. The State and County funds are on hold for reasons including the following: (1) there is a dispute involving an individual who claims he has some right to the Chapel. Funds were set aside for a settlement of all claims. However, an agreement thus far has been unsuccessful; (2) a restrictive covenant was put on the property, which should have been put in place after the purchase. It is believed this can be corrected without too much difficulty.

Transit Oriented Development Zone:

Last Monday August 3rd an informational meeting was held at City Hall. It included a description of the TOD zone, a design concept PowerPoint and the comprehensive-independent traffic study. All three are available on the video located on the city’s website under the “city council” section. Be sure to take a look. The official public hearing will be on Tuesday September 8th but statements can also be made at the August 17th meeting.

Thank you,
Steve Gold,

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Comment by Hollis Bogdanffy-Kriegh on September 17, 2009 at 2:15pm
Dear Mayor Gold, Please convey my thanks to the city council for the replanting and repaving of Main St. Our pretty town is looking prettier these days. As regards speeding; I can testify to speeding on DeWindt St. It runs parallel to Main and drivers often use it as a way to race through town with out the deterrents of lights, pedestrians and stop signs. Additionally, there is a blind spot due to the crest of the hill at the top of the street near Cliff. DeWindt is full of young children these days, playing and walking to school. If anything can be done to slow folks down it would be great.
Comment by Steve Gold on August 19, 2009 at 11:56pm
I will send Michael Way a letter of commendation and read your remarks at the next council meeting. And I will gladly do the exact same thing if anyone else has a positive experience to convey about a city worker that they want to be recognized. So back-at-ya Eric, you deserve props too for taking the time to say something nice.
Comment by Eric Gurna on August 19, 2009 at 8:30pm
Mayor Gold,
I realize this might not be the exactly correct place to post this message, but I thought I would contact you here so that other people can read this. I wanted to let you know that you have an exemplary employee working in the Beacon Water Department, Mr. Michael Way. Last night, the water in our house suddenly started coming out of the tap brown, and full of silt. It was 7pm, and we didn't know where to call to get help, so I called the police department. They took a message, and within 30 minutes, Mr. Way called us back, and told us how to deal with the situation. He told me to call him back if the problem didn't go away. His solution did indeed work, so I didn't call back, but he called back later anyway, just to make sure the problem was resolved, and helpfully explained why it may have happened. I was very impressed with that, and wanted to let you know.
Thank you,
Eric Gurna
Comment by Birdy on August 18, 2009 at 12:23am
Steve, if the officers dropped the cell phones and set up some speed stops perhaps that would slow people down. Like in Cold Springs. A cop parks somewhere once a week or once ever two weeks and thus people always slow down at those places. Not knowing if a cop is there or not. If they just did it once in a while, it would stop a lot of it.

That contractor would forget to move their "blockades" all weekend, creating dangerous situations. I moved stuff myself several times. Jezzz, can't they be penalized for that? All those cones at Ver Planck and Dutchess Terrace would be there on Sat. Of course, the police never noticed. Try turning there with 4 cones/poles taking up a whole cars space. All the people living there should be able to submit tire bills to that contractor.
Comment by Scott Tillitt on August 16, 2009 at 9:03am
Steve said: " Of course the other way to enforce speed limit laws is by police enforcement. Our officers give out tickets but with 5 square miles of city and usually 4 officers in 2 cars, there just isn’t enough coverage."

Respectfully, Steve, as we've seen in a couple other discussions (one that got removed), the police might be able to enforce more serious stuff if they weren't so busy giving out what are essentially frivolous tickets, or talking on their cell phones (if that's the case), or whatever else they're doing instead of what would be more helpful to the citizens they serve.
Comment by Steve Gold on August 14, 2009 at 11:38pm
Your welcome Randy. TJ, I wish I could say different but Mark is correct. Speed bumps are not permitted for a municipality as per NYS traffic code. You will notice that they are only found in parking lots that are privately owned like near supermarkets, malls, etc. One idea that the code permits which we are going to try is to install raised intersections (kind of like a wide speed bump that spans an intersection or a cross walk). Another code that we wish wasn’t there is the state will not permit stop signs as a mechanism for speed control. They can only be used to reduce the hazard in an intersection. The Traffic Safety Committee (Chairperson Tony Furco….a good man) is going to be taking up the request to put a stop sign on Spring Valley Street at the intersection of East Main (an idea I support that came out of BCN). Of course the other way to enforce speed limit laws is by police enforcement. Our officers give out tickets but with 5 square miles of city and usually 4 officers in 2 cars, there just isn’t enough coverage. Speeding has always been a problem. Our streets are so narrow that it makes it worse. Just don’t take the law into your own hands. Last week someone yelled at a speeding car and the occupants got out and beat up the poor person. That’s the first I’ve heard of that kind of thing and the police are investigating it. I hope it’s the last time. Some cities use traffic circles. Again our old streets are too narrow. I appreciate your concern.
Comment by Mark Roland on August 14, 2009 at 11:10pm
Speed bumps are not allowed on roads.
Comment by Randy Kane Lashua on August 14, 2009 at 7:56am
Thank you, Steve, for communicating in all the ways that you do.
Comment by Steve Gold on August 13, 2009 at 11:45pm
Thank you Vicki, Jo, Henry, TJ, Incline-Cheese-Cake-Anne, Pooja and Birdy.
Birdy, your right. The contractor was one of the worst. That's what happens when nys requires you to go with the lowest responsible bidder (by law). It adds new meaning to the words "responsible". The new 6 projects are just resurfacing, Teller/Talbot were complete reconstructions. Each project shouldn’t take too long (famous last words).
Comment by Birdy on August 13, 2009 at 9:43pm
I hope that the other paving projects don't take as long as the "the Orchard/Talbot road project of 2008-09"-your words. Though I realize that there was drainage and pipe moving issues with it, at no time did I ever see more than 5 or 6 people working on it. It took a WHOLE YEAR. The streets were left in terrible, terrible shape for the winter and that situation continued until last week. Everyone knows that there is a deadline for paving in the fall but really why was it left in such terrible disrepair.

Congrats on getting the funding for the next 6 projects, but please don't leave them half done with poor road conditions for the entire winter like many people had to suffer from that project.

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