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Richie Cabo Resigns From The Sargent and Downing Gardens. Thank You To Evereyone Who Made It Special.

    As many of you know I have had a bad car accident last July. As a result I have had some memory problems from brain trauma. But one thing I did not forget is why I founded the Sargent and Downing Gardens.The mission was to create a community garden and educational center to pay tribute to Henry Winthrop Sargent, Andrew Jackson Downing and the great historical role the City of Beacon played in American horticulture.It was a Sargent and Downing Gardens for the children and community.
      During my three years as President we made a real difference in Beacon and rebuilt the Gym and created something special. I want to say thank you to all who contributed to make it happen.My family and I treasure all the great people, wonderful friends and times we shared. The new President and Executive Board are going down a different path. As of today I Richie Cabo must regretfully resign and it has been a pleasure to serve this great city of Beacon and mayors Steve Gold and Randy Casale.Thank you for the opportunity to give back to this amazing city. Sincerely, Richie Cabo
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