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Potential (admittedly out there) solution to Beacon's pool access problems


This is way more expensive than keeping the High School pool open and/ or the University Settlement camp pool open. And of course, we already have a river pool, that everyone should be taking advantage of:


But what's different with this +Pool concept is it is a dream of many, such as Pete Seeger, to see a river pool work on a grand scale. People used to swim in the Hudson in large groups all summer. It was second nature. Until industry killed the river.


If the +Pool people were ever to come to Beacon, such a large pool effort wouldn't have to be shouldered by the City of Beacon and city taxpayers alone. The county, the state, private organizations and enthused individuals can help shoulder the cost. Heck: people on i84 would spot it immediately and go "what's that?" Built in advertising.


I'm also looking forward to drivers on i84 seeing an incline rail car moving up the side of Mount Beacon and going "what's that?" some day too. ;-)


Again, financially, it's out there. Just keeping the dream alive. The little city between the river and the mountain.


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