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Comment by Erin Simmons on September 28, 2011 at 12:32am
This is horrible. Part of me thinks that we really need to have a city curfew. Back when I was a kid I would have been angry if the city told me what time I had to be in by....but that's because my parents told me, and I listened.  Living close to Main St.  I saw several kids out past 2 am walking the streets.  What happened to parenting?  The other part of me can understand the anger and envy that the teenagers have towards this little kids park,(yes, I am assuming this was done by a certain age group)  The city doesn't seem to have much for teens to do.  Growing up in Beacon, this has always been an issue.  I think they have some sort of Basketball deal over by Forrestal Heights...but I would imagine from my work with youth, that this is probably rather clich-y and I for one wouldn't want my teen hanging over on that side of town. Sorry.   Since the beginning of Summer I have seen some things happening that are very reminiscent of the 80's and early 90's Beacon..... graffiti, vandalism and car thefts... for those of you that don't know what main street use to look like, just take a ride down the south williams, landers and even Broadway area of Newburgh....this is what WE looked like. It was a scary place (which is why I left for 10 years)  Keep your eyes open and if you see anything suspicious Beacon police have always been nice and responsive... and the number for them is easy to remember 831- 4111   (info + 1 or just program it in your phone)    As far as "Preach it" remarks... the mess made in other parks is done by the people hanging out they should take some pride in their parks. The "tots" were victims of vandalism...they didn't do this to their own playground and when concerned people saw this they stepped into action...and that's the difference.
Comment by Steve Knowles on September 26, 2011 at 4:28pm
Sorry to hear about this!  Between the vandals that through the benches in the creek at Roundhouse, and this, I think most of us agree that public stocks should be brought back as suitable punishment for the punks that did this! (and punks can be of any age, sex, race, or income level; just watch "Cops" to see a wide variety of punks)
Comment by Henry on September 25, 2011 at 3:35pm
Melissa...don't assume Preach It is a man.
Comment by Henry on September 25, 2011 at 3:34pm
Preach it has a full plate with the new website and his painted run down Main St. Now you want him to clean the park?
Comment by Melissa Dunn on September 25, 2011 at 2:48pm
Preach It, it is not just a matter of broken toys. The park, which is for small babies and toddlers, was covered with hundreds of tiny bits of sharp chokable plastic pieces from all the smashed toys. If you find this laughable, then you are a pretty special person. You are right about the state of the condition of many of the parks in Beacon. And no, one is not any more special than another. The city does not seem do enough to maintain these parks (and maybe doesn't have the budget), so we have pitch in and do it ourselves. Name a day and a time for South Street Park clean up and post it here. I would come. I am sure many others would too. The Wee Play Play Project (all volunteers) in Beacon organizes fundraisers for the city parks of Beacon. People donate used clothes, toys, etc. and they have a sale big sale once a year. The proceeds go to help maintain the parks--all the parks--with money outside the city budget. I am not one of the organizers, but I have volunteered and donated stuff. I know a chunk of last year's proceeds went to clean up at Green Street Park, where there had been problems with drugs, trash, broken equipment, because members of the community asked for help. If you want to get involved, instead of spewing venom and making lots of assumptions about people you don't know, maybe you could have a say in how this money is spent. Yesterday, you told me to get out and clean up the park myself. I did that, by the way, as did many others. Not the City of Beacon, but lots of people who use the park--which, by the way, is for all the kids of Beacon not some special elite community. I happen to live on the South side myself but like to go to the tot park because my son is still too small for the big kid parks (I live close to South Ave).  I suggest you take some of the advice seem so willing to "Preach" and get something going. You said, sarcastically I assume (though the administrator seems to have removed your mostly nasty comments) that maybe you should get out there and take some pictures of the South Ave. Park. Why don't you? You sure do spend an awful lot of time on this board talking, but you don't seem to be a man of action.  It doesn't have to be one person out there with a garbage bag. That's how we get things done.
Comment by Ben Royce on September 25, 2011 at 1:24pm

Preach It:


I'd like you to consider the possibility that people do care, and they just need someone to bring it to their attention... nicely.


What exactly do you think happens when you assume the nastiest thing you can think of other people, and attack them based on that? Does that get the parks cleaned up?


You need to take your anger, and do something positive with it, and stop attacking other people based on false stereotypical prejudices of them.


Comment by Preach It on September 25, 2011 at 1:03pm
Well, Ben, since we have desperate housewives complaining about some broken tot toys YET I have not seen any complains about the more harmful things at the other parks, I just wanted to bring it to people's attention. And, Why is one park more important than the other?
Comment by Ben Royce on September 25, 2011 at 12:38pm

Preach It, you seem very concerned with the park on South Avenue and the one on the waterfront.


Please tell us what you are doing to organize a cleanup of these parks.

Comment by Preach It on September 25, 2011 at 9:31am
Maybe animals did it? Bears? Raccoons having fun.
Comment by Preach It on September 25, 2011 at 9:30am
Those pictures made me laugh! You want to see something sad, go to South parks or even the waterfront park.

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