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People Magazine August Issue Article About Richie Cabo & 9/11 Survivor Tree

Hi everyone, There is a nice article in this months August issue of People Magazine article about Richie Cabo and the 9/11 Tree. This September the 9/11 Memorial Museum will be opening to the public and the 9/11 Survivor Tree will be one of the symbols of survival and examples of how New York and America was able to bounce back after the World Trade attacks. Many People do not know this but again in 2010 the 9/11 Survivor Callery Pear Tree was once again ripped out of the ground during a Nor' Easter which ripped the tree out of the ground along with four other huge trees at the Citywide Nursery.

Noga ,Adam,Zohar and Richie Cabo responded to the email broadcast 9/11 Survivor Tree down at the Citywide Nursery.My children will never forget that they too had a part in saving the 9/11 Survivor Tree as Ilet them help shovel the mulch onto the trees roots.  When we arrived the American flag and the Survivor Tree were both leaning against the fence line. The roots of the tree were completely exposed. Cpw Jose Santiago also responded after we called him to come in.

We  covered the roots with compost and then completely mulched the trees roots so she would not go into shock. I placed a sprinkler on the tree to make sure she had plenty of water to avoid any further stress on the tree. I also placed a wedge ramp of would behingd the tree so she would not fall back further and brake the root system.

It was amazing that for the second time in the life of the tree we were working again to save the famous 9/11 Survivor Tree. The tree itself despite all the negative things one might hear about Callery Pear trees refused to show any signs of weakness, and proved that a Callery Pear is a tough tree to put down once again.

Several days later the tree was raised upright with a boom and staked in place to   allow her to stabalize. There was a decision made to box the tree around all four sides and then the tree would eventually be moved back to Ground Zero by Mayor Bloomberg in December. Now she is awaiting the opening of the 9/11 Memeorial Museum this September 11, and the first day visitors will be survivors and family memebers of the fallen of that terrible day in American history.

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