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This is today, Long Dock Park. I don't remember this there last week, but with the ice... maybe I wasn't paying attention.

I approached... then I got the impression there is someone in there. I hope he's getting weather reports, the nor'easter coming tomorrow would be a nasty surprise. Then again, it also might refloat him.





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Comment by Ben Royce on February 12, 2013 at 6:17pm

I actually talked to the guy. In his 50s, big beard.

At first I thought he was a salvager/ scavenger with no connection to the boat because I came up to him taking down pieces of the mast. I made a lame joke about whether the boat was from Hurricane Sandy or the Japanese earthquake. He responded that, no, he had parked it right off land and it drifted in overnight and it was too late when he finally noticed.

Poor guy, I hope there's not much damage.

I really don't know his story, but he feels like a historical throwback to the days when the Hudson had squatters up and down the river and they went about their lives by boat from community to community.

Apparently, a colony of these lost hobo camps still survives in Hudson NY:

Comment by Philomena on February 12, 2013 at 4:26pm

That boat has been there since at least 1/20, took some pics of it then.

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