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I am not sure how I missed this one, and for that matter why I have'nt seen anything here at,but there is a NEW DC LOOP route G bus efective11/24/12 that is in effect the pre June 2010 DC LOOP Beacon shuttle bus


the route G starts and ends at the MNRR Beacon Hudson line station and operates Mo. - Sat. - however only from 12:00 PM to 6:30 PM


aparently Cynthia Ruiz,of the DC LOOP,has responded to some of my sugestions for DC LOOP service in Beacon


the route G was actualy a sugested new route I had proposed for the period after restoration of passenger service on the Beacon line - as part of the major changes to the DC LOOP - the LOOP route B would not go to Beacon and instead,as this routes southern terminus,the route B would end at the new transit hub in Fishkill (with the I84 exit 12 park-n-ride lot and the MNRR train station - funded by Ikea?)


to serve Beacon there would be a new route G that would go from Wappingers Falls along the Hudson river to serve the river vilages of New Hamburg and Chelsea - at certain times the bus would go into the VA Castle Point facility via the'back entrance'


the route for this new LOOP bus looks very familiar - I think I had also sent Cynthia Ruiz my proposed Beacon loop map


the above is my proposed weekend,post train,Beacon loop map


now if Sunday service can be added and seasonaly on weekendes that trolley bus that is sitting in the LOOP garage collecting dust can be used .... (FYI: I had seen the trolley bus being used for a regular LOOP route - the old route 5 on SR55 - so don't let the county BS you into thinking this bus is for charter service only - it is a transit bus - albeit a very fancy transit bus)


now if I can apply my powers of influence on Mr. Permut ....

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Comment by Kevin Newman on January 27, 2013 at 10:14am

here is the METRO NORTH main page - check out the inset box scroll down past the notice about the ferry svc. (canceledd ue to icing) and you will see the notice for the new route G


obviously the DC LOOP people had not consulted the MNRR schedule when creating the schedule for the route G

Comment by Kevin Newman on January 27, 2013 at 9:48am


I see that you have come face to face with the stark reality of the DC LOOP that it is not there to serve the mass transit public as indeed it SHOULD and that the route G,like other routes the LOOP has,is there as 'token service' just so that the county can say there is service but virtualy there is not

however at least there is SOMETHING which can be improved upon

I too had noted that this new bus does not synch,or in the jargon of transit planning,'pulse' with the arriving MNRR northbound train at :10 past the hour

the route G is what is known as a 'circulator route' which means it goes around and around in a loop every 1/2 hour,not out and back like a regular road transit route,and so the start time for this loop can be any time like say :15 past the hour and the next bus would be :45 past the hour

if the bus were to start at :15 past the hour,those arriving from GCT would see the bus waiting ready to whisk them up Main St. which,I presume, was the original intent - also they would have 5 min to get from the platform to the bus shelter - important if one is physicaly chalenged or in a wheelchair

I have sent these recomendations to Cynthia Ruiz of the DC LOOP



where I had first learned of this new route was at the MNRR site and .. the existing routes B and F were to have stoped at the Beacon Hudson line station as per the2008 transit dev. plan when the new routes etc. were implemented in June of 2010

Comment by Wendy Sharon Gross Alexander on January 26, 2013 at 7:39pm

This bus is both a boon and a bane!!! 

It passes my house, which is WONDERFUL!!!!!, but leaves the train station FIVE MINUTES BEFORE EACH TRAIN COMES IN!!! 

I've been told "It's not a train loop, but if you call the office some time during the day, you can ask them to hold it five minutes. Some of the times I've tried this it has worked, sometimes it hasn't. WHAT'S THE USE OF STOPPING AT THE TRAIN STATION AND NOT CONNECTING WITH THE TRAIN???

ALSO, you can't buy an unlimited pass for it like you can with the other bus? I bought my monthly metro north ticket and added the ten dollar loop, and was told that wasn't valid. I want my money back!!!!

There's NO way of saving money on this? 1.75 each time and it may or may not wait for me? 

Feh. More stress than it's worth. 

Comment by Ben Royce on January 19, 2013 at 1:47pm

thanks Kevin

great map

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