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Hey fellow citizens,

This network is getting big, coming up to 200 members. I've added the Groups feature to the site.

Creating: Anyone can create a group! Beacon parents, artists, photographers, dog-owners, green activists etc. could get together and discuss pertinent topics. I've started a group called Beacon Artisans for crafty people who make things and are interested in selling their wares. NOTE you'll have to post an image for your group.

I have opted to approve group info before it's live, but after that it's up to the group creator whether or not to moderate group activity.

Groups can be private or public, depending on the groups creator.

Participating: From the manual: When you join a group, you'll automatically follow the group. You'll be subscribed to changes on that group. This means that any time someone joins the group, comments on the group, or starts or replies to a forum discussion within the group, you'll receive an email notification letting you know. This is a great way to keep you involved in groups you belong to and keep you in the know about activity happening on the group.

You stop following a group you belong to at anytime by clicking the "Stop Following" link on the group's page.

For more complete information on what to do with Groups, check out the full Ning rundown.

Happy Grouping!

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