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  On the unofficial MNRR FB group page the other day there was a link to a Progressive Railroading notice about an RFP for MTA/MNRR- a request for expression of interest for... ready for this - the Dutchess section  of the Beacon Line

I followed the link to the MTA/MNRR page and seems to be for development on an existing active  line - station vendors or development on MTA/MNRR property - interestingly along the BL corridor there has been (and currently)  development - what I term 'reverse TOD' - the D has come before the T (rail transit)


Beacon Line (Hudson Line Beacon to Holmes twn of Pawling Dutchess/Putnam border)

Questions about this RFEI should be addressed to Alicia Biggs at (212)878-7148 or

DEADLINE:  Responses must be received by 3:00pm on Friday, November 18th, 2016

  My transportation advocacy has reached an additional level when in the late spring/early summer of this year when I became a member of Dutchess County's Public Transit Advisory Committee.

  At the PTAC meeting at the Fishkill town hall, all or most, of the Fishkill elected officials and a representative of the Gap were in attendance. We gave the county transit admin, Cynthia Ruiz,an earful. I had e mailed my proposals for the route F after the meeting.

These proposals will be included in the county's transit plan. Among the proposals is a new route alignment that goes through Glenham (a proposed stop on the BL) and along Merrit Blvd. past the Gap dist. center and into Hudson Val. Research park for Global Foundries and to the A&P in Hopewell Jct. (proposed stop behind this for the BL) and on weekends (sat and SUN.) to the Hopewell Jct. south end trailhead of the WRS Dutchess RT (the WRS DRT, the WOTH and the Hud Val RT - the Hudson Valley Trail Network - have been inducted into the RTC Hall Of Fame)

one small victory for myself

additionaly this year as a member of Community Voices Heard,I have attended several community partners 'solutions' meetings at the RPA HQ in NYC for their 4th regional plan - among RPA's recomendations is regional rail transit

Kevin Newman
Poughkeepsie NY

Dutchess County PTAC
Dutchess County BPAC

Community Voices Heard RPA ambassador Dutchess

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Comment by Ben Royce on October 13, 2016 at 6:16pm

Thanks Kevin

Everyone should submit something to the MTA RFP

This will be huge for Beacon

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