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LIT: Light Sculpture ... think Beacon ...

Innovative solar powered lighting system to premiere at NEW YORK STATE QUADRICENTENNIAL EXHIBITION
"AHOY! Where Lies Henry Hudson?" Organized by the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild Curated by Linda Weintraub

Outdoor Exhibition, Byrdcliffe Arts Colony, Woodstock, NY
June 13, 2009 to October 12, 2009


LIT is the first in a series of light sculpture installations throughout the Hudson Valley by architect and artist Michael McDonough and lighting designer and inventor Andy Neal. The Quadricentennial memorial celebrates the spirit of exploration that is epitomized by Henry Hudson. This legacy, rooted in the Hudson Valley, has been confirmed throughout the centuries. A current example is embodied in this installation. Collectively known as LIT GREEN, the LIT sculpture SERIES comprises an innovative LED lighting system. One of its many innovations is that it is zero energy/zero carbon footprint lighting run on direct current (DC) from solar panels.

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