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Last week to try and open our pool!



The City of Beacon Recreation Department is hopeful to once again have its public pool open this summer for area residents to enjoy. Due to budgetary constraints the community pool at University Settlement Camp was closed last year. We have an exciting opportunity to once again have a much needed recreation resource available to the residents of Southern Dutchess and Putnam Counties.


With the support of community residents, we can and will have our pool open. The program is simple, purchase a Beacon Swim Club Family Membership and/or make a donation in support of the pool. If 200 families in the community purchase a family season pool pass we will have the funds necessary to operate our public pool at the University Settlement Camp.


If the City of Beacon can not reach our goal of 200 families or their equivalent by May 20th, all membership fees will be refunded. After sufficient funds to operate the pool have been raised, there will be no refunds.


It is essential that 200 family memberships and/or equivalent sponsorships and donations, be sold before May 20th if the pool is to open for the season—so purchase your membership now!


General Information the City of Beacon Community Pool

Pool Open Hours

Open Saturday July 2 thru Sunday September 5, 2011

Public Swimming Hours

Monday thru Friday – 3pm to 6pm

Saturday and Sundays – 12pm to 6pm

Group Swimming Hours

Monday thru Friday 12pm to 3pm


Daily admission      $5.00 adult     $3.00 child (12 and younger)

Group rate               $75.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Where to Purchase Swim Club Memberships

City of Beacon Municipal Building

One Municipal Plaza

Beacon, New York Window Hours:  8:30am to 4:00pm

Registration Forms available on line too, at 

Beacon Swim Club Family Season Pool Passes

Our Beacon Swim Club pass will offer you unlimited pool access during public swimming hours for 6 immediate family members for the entire summer.










Before May 20th 



Before May 20th  



Before May 20th  


After May 20th  



After May 20th  



After May 20th  




More Info Here

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Comment by Alex Gadea on June 2, 2011 at 11:27am

That's a shame.  Here are my 2 cents worth.  This is not a shot at the city of Beacon or Mr. Price.  It was a great effort on his part since the City of Beacon can't afford to open the pool with municipal resources.  I managed pools when I was in college and its hard to sell memberships for an entire season.  Its impossible when pool times are unappealing to parents.  Throw in heavy competition from the clubs families already belong to and a nearby popular water park charging $90 for seasonal memberships, and it is difficult to meet ambitious membership numbers.

The most glaring weakness is pool hours.  These times deter parents who know they won't use the pool enough to make it worthwhile.  Many will be away on vacation for part of the summer and then many kiddies are in summer camp when they are in town.  On weekends, families plan things during the afternoon with family and friends.  This leaves a small window in which to actually use the pool.  

I don't know about Beacon, but in my experience the most popular times were:

  • weekdays before noon - parents drop off the kids at camp and take a dip before running their errands
  • weekdays after 3:30-5:30 - kids are back from camp and parents need something to do with them before preparing dinner
  • weekends from 9am-1pm - before the family sets off on whatever they have planned for that day

The only way to counteract the lack of season memberships is additional revenue sources.  The two most obvious are high priced daily entrance fees to cover impulse visits and revenue from the "fries."  


High daily fees create several dynamics: a) covers costs of unsold memberships - two very hot weeks at $10-20 per person would cover a large chunk of the missing memberships.  b) it puts the overall season cost into perspective - the park in Fishkill charges $180 for the season.  Parents think it takes 3 trips to the park (based on daily fees) to make the season membership worth it while the waterpark operator knows 50% of the families won't use the park more than twice.  

"Fries" are another important side to any pool business.  Few pools can survive without substantial food & drink revenue.

One final problem is marketing - until a pool has momentum, it needs heavy marketing spend to get the word out.  My guess (for what it is worth) is 90% of Beacon families did not even know this was an opportunity.  There are ~3500 families in Beacon.  200 is almost 6% of that number.  If a pool with a marketing plan can pull in 5% of nearby families as members its a success.  No marketing means it is unlikely to achieve a 6% attraction rate.

Unfortunately, Beacon can't open the pool without guaranteed income from season memberships but it is almost impossible to achieve the numbers needed given the pricing/time structure and other inherent roadblocks.  If the pool has a chance of opening in 2012, the money must be found to cover the initial costs including marketing, food setup and better pool times.  Without city money, other sources of startup capital are needed.  This can range from donations/grants, to establishing seasonal arrangements with local camps, to approaching main st. food businesses and selling concession rights at the pool.  Relying solely on family memberships won't make it.

Comment by Noah Rosaler on June 1, 2011 at 7:35pm



This is too bad. Will checks be mailed out or are they to be picked up?

Comment by Mark Price on June 1, 2011 at 4:30pm
Hello all.

I regret to inform you all that we only had approximately 30 families purchase season passes of the 200 needed to open the pool. As of today June 1st the USC pool will not be open for the summer of 2011. I thank you all who purchased family passes in support of the pool. Refunds will be issued shortly to those of you who purchased them. Have a safe and wonderful summer.
Comment by Mark Price on June 1, 2011 at 3:46pm
Hello all. I regret to inform you all that we only had approximatley 30 families purchase season passes of the 200 needed to open the pool. As of today June 1st the USC pool will not be open for the summer of 2011. I thank you all who purchased family passes in support of the pool. Refunds will be issued shortly to those of you who purchased them. Have a safe and wonderful summer.
Comment by Kelly Kingman on May 21, 2011 at 10:53am

How did we do? Any news on whether USC will open?


I think this is still so affordable — and I don't expect fitness club-style amenities or hours when it's such a bargain, and a lovely setting. I'd love to see the operation expand, of course, but it seems logical to see if there's enough interest to sustain opening the pool even if operation is limited.

Comment by Justin Riccobono on May 17, 2011 at 11:52am
This is a great start.  Hopefully we get enough family passes to where we will not need to rent out the pool to any groups.  Maybe that should be the goal.  But first thing is first,  we need to get it open and them work it from there.  I think the concerns below are all valid and I agree with most of them.  Other pool memberships in the area start at $375 for families.  We hope to fundraise for a solar cover and then to tidy up the area around the pool.  We as a community need to pull this together, then get a pool board together to initiate ideas that can really expand the project.  Thank you all for your support.  Remember we need to start somewhere and this is the most logical option for now.  I just signed up more for the support of this great ammedity.  For $100, I will not go out to eat this week.  I will eat at home.   
Comment by Ben Larson-Wolbrink on May 16, 2011 at 4:18pm
Just signed up for the family class.  Way excited to have a pool available for the hot, summer months!
Comment by Ray Fusco on May 13, 2011 at 5:32am
Great idea.  Good job Mark.

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