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It happened right in front of me. Police shot a man holding a knife. I don't want to say any more right now about what I saw, it will be all over the news I'm certain. I don't know if the guy survived or not. Happened half an hour ago. I'm going to contact BCPD and give my statement.

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Comment by Ben Royce on June 2, 2015 at 1:12am

PoJo had a follow up.

It wasn't drugs or crime, it was mental illness.

His coworkers/ boss said he was completely fine until you got him talking about aliens. The usual paranoid schizophrenic loss of control and loss of identity nightmares. Mind control/ taking over your life and controlling you/ implants and impostors and plots and conspiracies, etc. A man with heavy load of fear and pain.

I found reading his story a little chilling because I had commented to detectives at the time that he looked like an extra from "Men In Black" with the kind of shades he was wearing.

There's people in this world with serious social and psychological disorders who need help. We need better mental healthcare in this country. Even after him getting in front of my car and motioning at me while at me while holding a nine inch knife I just feel sorry for him.

Comment by Steve Knowles on June 1, 2015 at 2:54pm

Was there ever a follow-up story about this anywhere?  Seems odd that so many police shooting make national news, with non-stop coverage, demonstrations, etc., yet this shooting seems to have passed by without any info other than a guy hijacked a car, ran from the police, had a knife, and was shot to death.  I would like to know what the victim's story is; was he mentally ill?  Was he a career criminal?  Was he ordered to drop the knife before being shot?

Comment by Ben Royce on May 8, 2015 at 3:53pm

I slowed down on the entrance ramp Eastbound because of all the police cars, I didn't want to hit a cop. As I crept forward past the police cars to where the ramp merges with the highway, the guy runs out of the woods directly in front of my car, holding a large knife.

He motioned at me with his hand and head as if you would to someone when you're just crossing a parking lot, like: just trying to get my attention, casual. For a split second I was afraid he wanted to get in my car. But the cops were too close on his heels, yelling at him.

So he booked it across four lanes of highway as if it were nothing. He hesitated more for me going 5 mph on the ramp than he did for the whole highway. Two cops ran after him, and were directly on his heels by the time all three got to the other side. It absolutely blows my mind none of them got hit, the traffic was heavy and fast.

I turned my head to deal with my safety because now cars are honking and screeching everywhere and I'm merging, and so I didn't see the actual shooting. But I heard it. It was close quarters and with the knife, so it was justified as far as I can tell.

I turned again and saw him splayed out on the ground just up the short slope there at the base of the exit ramp with the cops over him. Then I had to focus on my safety again and accelerated away.


Later in the evening I gave a witness statement to a city detective, and then a state detective because they took over the investigation. 

Random and insane.

Comment by Steve Knowles on May 8, 2015 at 7:32am

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