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Just a thought about the Earthquake yesterday and Indian Point Nuclear Facility

The 5.9 Earthquake yesterday, that we felt up here, and they felt in Michigan, Toronto, and Atlanta, was centered in Mineral, Virginia. Mineral, Virginia is so named because of the pyrite and sulfur deposits that were found there in the 1800s.


Pyrite, sulfur... this indicates, geologically, an area that used to have mineral SPRINGS, historically, geologically, millions of years ago. This is because pyrite and sulfur deposits are hydrothermal in nature. And hydrothermal activity indicates vulcanism, faults: high geological activity, a long time ago.

So the lesson from yesterday is the simple truth that old fault lines are like what General MacArthur said about old soldiers: they never die, they just fade away. Old fault lines build pressure at a much slower rate than in their youth, but they still build pressure. Remember that the worst earthquake in North American history was not in California, but along the New Madrid fault... in Missouri, of all places.


So where you might get a 5.9, 6.9, 7.9 every 100 years in some areas of the world, like California and Japan, where geological activity is high, in the old Appalachian Mountains (some of the oldest mountains in the world), the old faults might produce 5.9, 6.9, 7.9 quakes only say, every 100,000 years.

So think about that, when you think about Indian Point Nuclear Facility, which they built RIGHT ON TOP OF THE RAMAPO FAULT LINE.

We could have a 5.9, 6.9, 7.9, just south of Bear Mountain, in 10,000 years... or tomorrow. No one knows.


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