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It's nice to see little Beacon on this map:

We're not over an Marcellus Shale, but it is the principle that matters. My brother-in-law in Cooperstown is more affected by this:

The problem is the fracking entities don't have to disclose the chemicals they are pumping into the ground, "trade secret."

Well your "trade secret" is getting into my water supply, so you are darn well going to disclose your "trade secret." And any government entity that supports the notion that a corporation's "trade secret" is more important than the health of its citizens and their land has clearly crossed a line that requires their political heads on a platter.

Look: the USA needs energy independence. And if we can exploit the Marcellus Shale and have cars running on natural gas rather than oil, good for the USA.

But not at the cost of the permanent blighting of the land.


And yes I know the relevant gas yielding formations are far deeper than the water table. But you are a fool if you don't understand that puncturing holes the shale with chemical compounds tailor made to reduce friction doesn't lead to intermingling of the layers.

Short term capital gains or long term stewardship? We know which ones the energy corporations choose, let's make them know clearly that is the choice that is not going to be made. We who live in the interior of NY state want this land for our children and grandchildren, and this is a heck of a lot more important than your quarterly returns and we will vote and we will take all means necessary to preserve our providence over our land.


We need the energy. So show us how it is done without any effect on our water table. Don't have the technology yet? Then we wait, and you spend your venture capital on that.


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