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Every life is rich in its own way. Whether we play out our lives on grand stages or small, all of us have fascinating stories to tell — of love won and lost, of adversity overcome or somehow accommodated, of triumphs and embarrassments, of exultant times and of times that, in looking back, we might marvel at having gotten through.
We don’t lose the ability to recount our lives only when those who might wish to remember us are ready. Too often, those we love become incapacitated in a heartbeat, and the stories of their own clanking radiators and breath-warmed bedrooms are irretrievably lost.

ImmortaLives is dedicated to minimizing such losses — to preserving forever the stories we might otherwise wish in vain we’d asked our loved ones to tell. Who among us hasn’t wished at one time or another that they knew much more about their grandparents, or about their own parents’ earlier lives? ImmortaLives is all about making such wishes come true. In our professional-quality short films, our subjects share memories of the experiences that have shaped them.

Why not buy an inexpensive camcorder and do it myself, some will wonder. First, winding up with countless gigabytes of unedited footage no one will ever want to sit through is a waste of everyone’s time. Also, an objective outsider is likely to get the subject to speak more candidly than someone with whom he or she has history. ImmoraLives interviews are conducted by a seasoned journalist accustomed to getting subjects to speak openly — and to then presenting what they’ve revealed in a compelling way, with music, still photographs, and live interview footage integrated as in a PBS documentary.

ImmortaLives is by no means only for the elderly, of course. If your own parents or grandparents have already been incap-acitated, consider how much your own kids, even those not yet conceived, will one day cherish a virtual meeting, via high-definition digital video, with the person you are today.

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