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I'm pretty sure political maneuvering will keep the Correctional Facility open

But if Cuomo wants to close the Beacon Correctional Facility, then Cuomo has to pressure the MTA to let us use the defunct Beacon Line for tourism purposes.

If Albany is going to hurt Beacon's economic base, Albany has to do something to help build a new economic base.

NYC has the Highline, Poughkeepsie has the Walkway over the Hudson, give us our Beacon Line, Albany.

If and when things aren't going our way with Albany, demand this concession.

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Comment by Abu KG on February 22, 2013 at 12:01am

Or, you know, we could be happy that Cuomo is closing the prisons, because they're an immoral blight on our society, regardless of whether some people in Beacon make money off them.

Funny how many people around here are so progressive until something affects them personally.

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