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Hudson Valley Communities Get Economic Surge

(Hudson Valley, NY) – Art, music and cultural activities are a key industry in the Hudson Valley.  It is an important component for quality of life enrichment.  It also contributes to the economy in a measurable way.  The economic impact linkages where Ferry Godmother Music Circuit offers weekly concerts during the summer months are significant.  In 2012 in Orange and Ulster counties, Ferry Godmother Productions created free music programs that directly and indirectly supported 225 musicians and 74 jobs in the community.  The expenditures made by the organization and its audiences surpassed $1,295,400.


Upcoming are by press conferences by elected officials, followed by sponsor mixers which are an opportunity for businesses to learn about concert promotional opportunities in Montgomery, Newburgh, Highland and other areas in the Hudson Valley.


The art, music and cultural industry entail a variety of direct and indirect impact on the economy. For example, a musician may purchase sound equipment from a local business.  Similarly, visitors to the area will spend into the local economy supporting gas stations, restaurants and hotels.  Each will directly contribute to the economy by providing jobs and income to its workers.  For this reason many communities thrive and grow because of art, music and cultural events.


Ferry Godmother Music Circuit was developed as an exclusive Sustainable Event Management Model (SEMM) project.  SEMM develops and implements a cultural, recreational and tourist infrastructure promoting businesses in communities in the Hudson Valley Region.  For the past seven years Ferry Godmother Productions have showcased particular artists (Jazz Knights), some period ( doowop music), some topic (e.g. gospel  music), some genre (jazz music), or some type of presentation (original musical instruments).  In turn, visitors interested in a particular form of music flock to the event.


In 2013 Ferry Godmother Music Circuit will offer 8 unique community-specific concert series’ to entice visitors.  Named for the community of origin or current venue, the concerts will include jazz, big band, acapella, doowop, rock and roll, country, music of 50s & 60s and gospel music.  In the past its’ concert lineups included local and renowned performers, including US Military Jazz Knights and Sumi Tonooka, as well as Grammy nominees and winners like Rufus Reed and Bobbi Sanabria,  These concerts are a cultural smorgasbord, an atmosphere of carefree fun and huge marketing for sponsoring business.


Ferry Godmother Productions creator and Executive Producer Aquanetta Wright states “It really benefits both residents and local businesses; yet does not burden the tax payer”.


The ultimate goal is virtually every county in the Hudson Valley will have at least one concert of each genre as its own stop of the music circuit. Not only will there be quantity, but quality: each will be artistically innovative and economically successful.


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