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Hey, I'm no photographer, obviously. But this must hurt at some level.

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Comment by john fasulo on January 3, 2009 at 7:06am
Hmmmm.. Now what do you think the value of all of those Polaroids atken by Andy Warhole will be worth??... I'm sure the DIA is looking into a show of Polaroid photos by MAJOR artsits as we speak. Lets see, where did I put that camera and the now old and expired film???? The DIA folks that read this shouldn't get upset with me... I'm really glad that they are here.. really, I am. I love to take our frequent guests down and show them the pile of broken glass and my favorite, the plywood boxes. Now there's an artist who is thinking Greg.. you with me here?? You need to ship your art to another museum? Just bang on the tops, (they must be lying around somewhere)...stick on a shipping label and your good to go! But my real favorites are the Sera's... Ingenoius. Besides the fact that I really do find them ingenious, no one will ever think of asking to borrow them or remove them for any reason.. it would cost to much!
Back to the Polaroids.. I'm sad that the process will not continue. But don't worry, like has happened with other photographic processes, the East European countries will probably pick up the slack. They've done it with B&W printing papers.
as long as we are talking cameras.. Can't afford the $10,000oo or more for a new Hassleblad? Not to fret, the Russians swiped the plans years ago and make a camera called the KIev 88 (Kiev USA) that sells for about $700.oo WITH a lens! Looks exactly like the Hasselblad. The images you get are perfectly fine..except when you push the shutter release button, insetad of the silence of the Hasselblad, you get a metallic sounding twang. Probably similar to the sounds they heard on numerous Russian subs just before they sunk. Ok I'm done for the time being.. wonder how much trouble I'm in with the art set??...Actually they really shouldn't care... Years before I worked in TV land, I worked for another fine group of illsuionists.. Hill & Knowlton, Public Relations. My first job there? ... working with a "team" to coach the CEO of the company responsible for Bhopal. But what is relavent here is the motto of John Hill; "It doesn't matter what you say about them, juut make sure the name is spelled right".

ok now I am finished...

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