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FYI…Jan 19th Council public hearing is not the Beacon TOD!

Just a clarification since I’ve had several inquiries based on the headlines of the Beacon Free Press from last week. The Tuesday January 19th meeting will contain a public hearing titled RD 1.7. This pertains to the property north and adjacent to the location where the Beacon TOD zone is being considered. It is commonly referred to as the Edgewater property. It is accessed by going west on Tompkins Avenue. I think it was appropriate to identify it as a TOD related zone because of it’s proximity to the train station and the developers plans to have a staircase leading to the station. Note that it is on a significantly higher elevation than the existing MTA parking lots. But the council will not be discussing the Beacon TOD zone. The RD 1.7 contains a different density and does not have a commercial component.

Also, to help clarify another discussion, the impact fee, as it is being suggested, is not appropriate in the approval phase of a zone amendment such as the new RD 1.7. An impact fee would come into being as a separate code that may apply to several or all zones or developments based on size, for example. The council is looking into an impact fee currently. An infrastructure (or impact) fee may be required in the environmental impact phase when a particular development seeks approval to build on a property, but not when the zone is being adopted. The legality of an impact fee and its scope is being determined. Certainly an infrastructure improvement may be required on a property if it is warrented. A SEQRA review will eventually be required in the development phase of the RD 1.7 zone, but not in the zoning proposal as will be discussed on January 19th. Clear as mud...sorry, zoning is complicated.

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Comment by Ben Royce on January 19, 2010 at 7:49am
not just beacon free press last week, but pojo today (19th):

Gold said the development would be energy efficient and put less of a strain on the school system, because they would be one- and two-bedroom units not generally suitable for large families. "This is a smart-growth principle," he said, "because it discourages the use of cars."


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