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Election season! Get to know your candidates

November 5th: don't forget to vote. Have a voice in how your city is run.

Beacon City Councilmember Ward 1 DEM, WOR, Beacon First Peggy Ross
REP, IND, CON Diane Spiak-Pisanelli
Beacon City Councilmember Ward 2 DEM, WOR, Beacon First Charles P. Kelly
REP,IND, CON Omar U. Harper
Beacon City Councilmember Ward 3 DEM, Beacon First Pamela Wetherbee
REP, IND, CON Samuel L. Way
Beacon City Councilmember Ward 4 DEM, WOR , Beacon First Ali T. Muhammad
REP, IND, CON Lou Amoroso Sr. 
Beacon City Councilmember At Large DEM, WOR, Beacon First George Mansfield 
(Vote for Two) DEM, Beacon First Lee Kyriacou
  REP, CON, IND Justin Riccobono
  REP, CON, IND Jerry Landisi 

DC Leg 16 DEM, CON, IND , Dutchess Strong Alison E. MacAvery
  REP Robert Principe
DC Leg 18 DEM, WOR, Beacon First April M. Farley
  REP, CON, IND John Forman

DC County Family Judge (Vote for One)

REP, CON, IND Joseph A. Egitto 
  DEM, GRN, WOR Lisa E. Rubenstein 

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Comment by Ben Royce on October 23, 2013 at 8:43am

Just got the following email:

There are two Q & A events this week staring at 7:30 PM, both at:

Howland Cultural Center

477 Main St.

Beacon, NY 12508

Wednesday - Meet the Democrats

Thursday - Meet the Republicans

These events are open to the public.  Attendees will be given an opportunity to ask questions to the candidates.

Hope to see you there.

So that is tonight and tomorrow night.

Get to know your candidates!

Comment by Anna West on October 19, 2013 at 11:40am

Bubba,   There are two public events--one for each in the coming week. You can go and see all the candidates and ask them questions.  It was in the latest Beacon Free Press. Also, you can go to council meetings, or watch them on TV. 

Yes, coming to the front door can freak you out.   After I wrote a letter to the editor, the candidate I mentioned (not by name) showed up at my door the very day the letter came out.   Claims he was in the neighborhood.  I have manners or I would scream his name all over, so he can't use intimation against anyone else.

Comment by Ben Royce on October 18, 2013 at 10:36pm

You're welcome TC, thanks Bubba.

Bubba: the Beacon Democrats have a site like that, with a profile page for each candidate:

I couldn't find the same sort of site for the Beacon GOP, but I welcome any Beacon GOP candidate to speak up here, or elsewhere on this site and let us know about you, or just link to your Facebook page, or whatever.

And anyone else please speak up on any topic you believe is important in this election in deciding between the candidates (on the issues, no personal attacks).

Most important: VOTE.

Democracy works better when we all participate.

Comment by Bubba's Hot Boiled Peanuts Inc. on October 18, 2013 at 10:27pm

Why doesn't someone create a section on this website, which would contain a short 3-4 minute long video of each candidate talking about themselves? In their own words and letting us know where they stand on the issues that concern Beaconites. I would like to hear from each of them, WITHOUT opening my front door or finding their flyers stuck it in upon my return home. It would save them a lot of walking and knocking on doors and would allow them to reach the masses much more effectively. And thanks for posting the list above for all of us to think about Ben!

Comment by TC on October 18, 2013 at 11:22am

Thanks for this. It is always appreciated!

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