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Dutchess Junction Beacon Water lines issue

All of you know how troublesome the political situation is around the U.S. but now I would like to start the conversation about something very local here in the Town of Fishkill which also connects us to Beacon. I would like to thank Mayor Randy Casale for bringing it out because it is a huge potential problem and the Town of Fishkill really has to help us settle this since it is on the Town of Fishkill land. But also we in the Dutchess Junction do pay higher
rates for water tax so maybe the Cuty of Beacon can help solve this too in some way. The water lines were put in many years ago and the agreement which new homeowners were never told about is that we were sold out and somehow responsible to repair and replace all the delivery water lines to our homes!

I am really upset that I went to the Town of Fishkill Hall like a concerned tax paying homeowner to ask about the problem of the water lines several months ago and no one has helped to solve such a big potential humanitarian issue. Just look at how other municipalities have dropped the ball around the country. I was told they would get back to me with some solution ideas and no one has .If the waterlines are so old and leaking with the future potential of having to be replaced are we to assume that water is safe to drink? Isn’t there a real possibility like in N.J. That the water is full of lead also. When I went they said that there could be some way to have a bond and the community would pay it back together and The Town if Fishkill could help organize and put this together. Where is the government leadership that we all depend on and vote for!!! Call the Fishkill Town Hall and get involved. Get off Fox and CNN and let’s fix what’s wrong at home. I am just as guilty of focusing on National news and not asking care of home! Let’s get this together. Our neighbors in Beacon can’t act like this doesn’t affect them because it’s just wrong and the Dutchess Junction community can’t be treated like third world and Town of Fishkill shouldn’t forget we are here, Thank you.

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