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I originally commented on someone else's post regarding the Piggy Bank but i now feel compelled to post this on it's own. I too have had a very disturbing experience while dining at the Piggy Bank. I went there on Saturday night about a month ago. I was with my sister, her son and my boyfriend. The place was very busy and proved to be too much for the ineptly trained staff to handle. We waited over an hour for our entrees. When they finally arrived, the waitress literally threw the plates down on the table at us. She had an incredibly unapologetic attitude regarding our wait and was downright rude. As we were all still eating our mediocre meals, another server dropped our check off to us without asking if we wanted anything else, if we were enjoying our food etc. At this point we were pretty outraged by the outright rudeness of the staff, but there was no management present at the time - which is odd considering it was a saturday night. While we were leaving my sister addressed our server to make her aware of the terrible and expensive experience we had endured. The server was indignant to say the least and went so far as to call my sister (under her breath but loud enough to hear) a bitch. This type of aggressive behavior is simply unacceptable. Up until this experience I have enjoyed patronizing the Piggy Bank. I called the restaurant that same evening and left a message describing the events that took place, and it took the owner almost a full week to call me back. This sends a strong message of disregard towards a customer's sincere bad experience. The service has always been terrible but never outright offensive and rude. I will never step foot in that place again and urge everyone to do the same.

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Comment by Rita rogers on June 26, 2010 at 6:04pm
I didn't read the first comments regarding the Piggy Bank until after the fact, and we had tried to go somewhere else first but the wait was too long and we were with a child so waiting for a table was not an option. But you're right, we most certainly were taken.

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