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1)  I’m struck by just how non-ideological our local elections are.  Across the nation, voters rejected rigid conservative agenda initiatives – repealing a law limiting union rights in Ohio, rejecting a crack-down in voting rights in Maine, and rejecting an anti-abortion measure in Mississippi.  Randy and others running on the Republican line won without any party ideological divisiveness as issues, thank goodness.  (And congratulations to the winners.)

2)  Despite the keen interest in this election on-line, less people voted in the Mayoral race than the last time.  The get out the vote efforts were not very effective.

3)  I’m only guessing about why people voted the way they did, but my sense is that Randy – and those other candidates riding coattails – just connected more with the people of Beacon and their immediate needs.  The people didn’t buy the argument that Gold was for smart growth and Randy wasn’t because it was untrue to start with.  And when Gold emphasized progress citing projects like the Round House, the old High School, and the theater, most people just didn’t understand how those projects applied to them. 

4) It’s a good town, and still a small town.  


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Comment by brianpjcronin on November 9, 2011 at 12:41pm

Actually The Roundhouse has already created a ton of jobs for  people living here. Do you think that patio restaurant staffed itself? What about the indoor one opening this Winter that they're hiring for now? And the hotel, spa, etc.? I know a lot of people who either worked for them at the temporary patio restaurant this summer, work for them now, and/or are going to be working for them as the next phases of the project open. And these people live right here in Beacon!


Do you think the theater is going to staff itself? And that people coming to see the shows there are not going to also patronize the businesses in Beacon while they are here, creating more jobs?


If these projects aren't helping to "create some jobs for locals" then I honestly don't know what you think a new mayor is going to do. This one has been creating jobs for locals left and right. And for that, his signs got vandalized, thousands of misleading fliers were mailed out blaming him for a tax increase that was the result of his administration fixing an error the previous administration made, and anyone who voted for him is called a "yup."


Serious question: What do you want a new mayor to do that this one is not doing?

Comment by Preach It on November 9, 2011 at 12:07pm
Those projects were nice and make Main look pretty BUT it does nothing for the people living here? Did Roundhouse, the theater, and old high school create jobs for THE PEOPLE living here? NO. it was just more artsy stuff. These are hard time and there are A LOT of people out of jobs. There are no jobs in Beacon that's why many commute far, far away. Only people who have jobs in beacon are shops owners and their family and friends they employ. There's nothing wrong with that but maybe this new mayor will help create some jobs for locals and not worry about making Main street pretty and fancy because you know what, the locals won't be able to afford it or have the time to enjoy because they ate working or coming back from their commute. Congrats Randy!
Comment by Mary Fris on November 9, 2011 at 10:34am

I don't think it was Republican campaign spending that won people over to Randy; most people who live in Beacon are smarter than that. I do think people based their decision on the person they believe will best address their needs. I do think Steve worked to effect much positive change over the last 4 years, (albeit with a few blunders, but nobody's perfect) but I don't believe that Randy will not do the same, he'll just have a different management style. I really didn't see all that much of a difference between the candidates, other than personality. Steve is more educated/ diplomatic than Randy, who's rather crusty, but I think they are both decent, effective people, who love Beacon, and try to do what's best. This definitely won't be the last we hear from Steve Gold, if I know anything about Steve, its that he will definitely stay involved, even if he isn't running the show. 

Comment by Scott Tillitt on November 9, 2011 at 8:56am

That's one analysis. Another possibility is that Randy and the Republicans simply outspent and out-campaigned the Dems. I don't know which analysis is correct.

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