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1)  I’m struck by just how non-ideological our local elections are.  Across the nation, voters rejected rigid conservative agenda initiatives – repealing a law limiting union rights in Ohio, rejecting a crack-down in voting rights in Maine, and rejecting an anti-abortion measure in Mississippi.  Randy and others running on the Republican line won without any party ideological divisiveness as issues, thank goodness.  (And congratulations to the winners.)

2)  Despite the keen interest in this election on-line, less people voted in the Mayoral race than the last time.  The get out the vote efforts were not very effective.

3)  I’m only guessing about why people voted the way they did, but my sense is that Randy – and those other candidates riding coattails – just connected more with the people of Beacon and their immediate needs.  The people didn’t buy the argument that Gold was for smart growth and Randy wasn’t because it was untrue to start with.  And when Gold emphasized progress citing projects like the Round House, the old High School, and the theater, most people just didn’t understand how those projects applied to them. 

4) It’s a good town, and still a small town.  


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Comment by Renee Q. on November 15, 2011 at 11:38am

These are just my opinions.


John may not be a "smooth talker" but he has worked hard for us and has a GREAT record.


Yes the heart campaign was cute and not offensive, till they were plastered on private and public property alike. Illegal in its actions, for some reason people think because it consisted of hearts and nothing really negative that they were fine. Personally  do not care if it was a party based or personally based action, I feel it was tacky, illegal and childish.  If I put stickers up all over the windows and street signs for a business or just smiley faces, I would be wrong too.  And who was this brillant mind behind the stickers. Brave enough to trash Main Street but not enough to say he did it.

The City Coucils are responsible as much as the Mayor and the City Administrator for the doings of the town or why do we have them.  Then they are expensive window dressing for a Mayor.  While blame was being passed on to previous administrations I found it funny that when it was a past administration that Mr. Gold was on the Council it happened to be the past Mayor who caused the problem but now it is not his.  That is of course human nature.  How refreshing it would have been to say I voted for this years ago but now have come to the conclusion it was not the right thing for the town now.  OR...Hey I was wrong.  But then again that is human nature and we all have done it at least once in our lives.


We have to try as a town to stop being so separate.  We are starting to be devided between the new and the old, the arts community and the business and bedroom community, the old times and the newcomers from the city.  We all are in Beacon because we love it.  SO let us not be so quick to change it to something so vastly different then Beacon.


Thank you to all the peopel who voted, ran, and volunteered during our city elections. 


Comment by Ben Royce on November 15, 2011 at 11:11am

TC, everyone else: no personal attacks.


Yes, I know, we're talking politics and I'm sure John can handle it and has heard worse, but this is about maintaining this site. It has to be a place people want to contribute to, and so we have to follow the no personal attack rule.


Comment by TC on November 15, 2011 at 9:22am

Wow, I had heard positive things about John Forman in the last few years. But, as the old saying goes... then he opened his mouth. His chest-thumping, know-it-all tone says more to me about how he views his constituents than any campaign rhetoric possibly could.

Let's walk past obvious facts (property tax increases are not solely decided by the mayor, public property was defaced, Steve Gold lost this recent election, etc.) and look at the language John uses. "The idea... is nothing but smoke", "those brilliant cards", "the whining", "As if the Republicans were guilty", "Bottom line...".

I hadn't thought an adult in public office in a modestly sized town would be so pompous and petty. Naive, I know.

So here's my little jab: I guess I got too used to the consensus building nature of people like Steve Gold to believe that we had such embarrassingly childish public representatives in our midst. Thanks for sharing your true colors.

Do we really want to be represented by people who think their constituents are clueless and worthy of a good internet put-down?

Simply put "Beacon Deserves Better"

Comment by John Forman on November 15, 2011 at 7:12am
The idea that the "I Heart Randy....but not for Mayor" sign was sincere is nothing but smoke and the most of the people know it. The person responsible for creating the sign and illegally hanging them up on the poles on Main Street doesn't really LOVE Randy in the first place. And those brilliant cards were first released on 10/01 and that is after the whining that the Democrat signs were stolen and damaged. As if the Republicans were guilty of these actions. Would you like to know how many of my signs were damaged and stolen? How about the number of Randy's signs? Bottom line the voters turned against Steve because they saw significant property tax increases and a Mayor who is simply not around during normal business hours to do this job. Randy beat Steve in all 4 Wards and 9 of the 10 election districts.
Comment by Cabot Parsons on November 14, 2011 at 11:37pm

The "I heart Randy" campaign wasn't from the Democratic party, either overtly or covertly.  My understanding is this was from a private citizen, who was expressing an personal opinion (still legal in this country as of this writing).  This was after the defacing of the Democratic signage, also ostensibly by private citizens, also expressing opinions.  So comparisons with Republican mailers should be against Democratic mailers, and actions by private citizens compared with other such actions.  In the case of the sign defacers, they destroyed the property of others with vitriol and a symbol.  In the case of the heart Randy pieces, someone put together a sentence, designed it in a clever way and produced it using their own resources, not destroying someone else's message in the process, and also respecting the candidate as man while voicing their opposition to his candidacy.  Regardless of intent, those two acts, along with the actual candidate materials, have put an indelible stamp of public opinion on the parties involved. 

Comment by Tara on November 14, 2011 at 9:32pm

Sure, they should say all those things and loudly and proudly proclaim their OWN voting record too boot. My point was, no one was upset that flyers were sent out (although the 15 I received from the Republican line up in the last week and a half alone was excessive and most likely cost tons of cash) it was the content they neglected to mention that seemed to not sit right with several Beacon voters.

Comment by Tara on November 14, 2011 at 8:45pm

Flyers and posters are indeed part of an election, their content is a different matter. 

Comment by Tara on November 14, 2011 at 8:42pm

Who on earth is disrespecting you, Jo? Everyone is stating their opinion and discussing what they view to be differences. If people disagree or don't understand that has nothing to do with respect. It's called dialogue. I do see a total difference in the message btwn the flyers vs the posters but both are certainly equal in ridiculousness.

Comment by Bud Siegel on November 14, 2011 at 8:38pm

I think the crux is this -- the vote was for Mayor.  The Mayor and his Administrator are responsible for preparing and executing the City's budget.  Yes, the Council votes yea or nay, but it is the Mayor's responsibility -- He or She is the CEO, COO, and CFO of Beacon.  So I think it is fair to blame the Mayor for a budget and subsequent tax increases.  But what I don't think is fair is to dumb down the issue.  Unfortunately, the budget in that fiscal year resulted in tax increases -- I can't imagine there was much of a choice and unfortunately even if explained properly it is a losing election issue.  Sign of the times.  As for the I Heart Randy Campaign -- it really was purposefully and strategically anti-Randy.  The campaign assessed that Randy was likable and connected with voters and wanted to plant the seed that likability wasn't enough to vote for someone.  Pretty clever, but it didn't work.

Comment by Kristen Cronin on November 14, 2011 at 7:51pm
So, putting up some posters that say it's ok to like Randy as a person and appreciate his years of service to Beacon but not think he's the best choice for Mayor is unforgivable backstabbing, but sending out thousands of fliers saying someone should be kicked out of office for voting the exact same way you did is totally fine?

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