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Dear BCN community,


May I ask what you think the city government should do that would lift our city to new levels? What goals should we aspire to reach? What is it that this city needs or wants or should do, more than anything else....from basic infrastructure like more parking spaces to ideals such as call-in or online polls on the bigger questions facing our city?  


Thank you, Steve Gold

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Comment by Ben Royce on February 6, 2011 at 10:43am

1. I'm certain I'm not the first to think this:


make Main Street one way, with parking on only one side of the street?


2. And of course, lure tourists to East Main by doing something, anything, with the Beacon Line:


There is recently revised content there, with contributions from many people who have posted here and elsewhere their thoughts on the Beacon Line. I'd welcome anyone else to contact me if you want to add another vision on that site. Any vision, any vision at all, I just want to make a repository of visions for the Beacon Line, no matter how far fetched: just throw everything out there and see what sticks. The only unacceptable vision is the status quo, doing nothing with the Beacon Line at all.


... And, as mentioned in the thread right below this one, sometime today or tomorrow I'll add content summarizing people's concerns with transport to the incline railway project, and the possible use of the the little side spur buried in the weeds that goes to the west parking lot at Beacon station.


Comment by Hollis Bogdanffy-Kriegh on February 6, 2011 at 10:23am
Thank you Mayor. I will be giving this a lot of thought but my immediate thought is that Beacon could do itself a big favor by having it's own Main St. Shuttle bus that would run from East Main to the train station on the schedule of arriving and departing trains. This would serve commuters but it would also promote shopping along Main St. It would provide ready access to Main St. businesses for visitors and tourists and it would provide jobs for driving and maintaing the vehicles. I have noticed a huge drop in the number of taxis available at the train station lately and the Loop bus is not reliable and follows a very circuitous route. This discourages people from making the trip up the hill, especially during inclement weather. A service that was Beacon owned and Beacon run would speak volumes about its commitment to it's own businesses and it's own infrastructure. It would also cut down, I believe, on the need for street parking.

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