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City Broadcast Station Committee Forming...

Channel 22 is now a City of Beacon station. That’s new…it was formerly a Beacon High School project, and they did it well for many years. This is an exciting opportunity for the COB to reach out to the community. Along with announcements and council meetings we can broadcast, for example; segments about our city workers, their departments and how the city runs; feature interviews with ______ (fill in the blank); air pieces from our non-for-profit organizations to know more about them….lots of possibilities (send in your ideas)!

So the city needs a committee that will help formulate policy and guidelines for the station. Then, the committee will manage and schedule the broadcast programs, review submissions and solicit programs of interest or information. We have the technical guy already on staff.

If you have experience or training in broadcast media with knowledge of program management and/or scheduling….we really need you to volunteer (sorry it’s not a paid position)! And if you have no media experience at all and just want to be an active part of this committee, we need you to volunteer also! All indications are that this will be a pretty demanding committee to join but I bet really interesting.

Please send your resume to, subject: Broadcast Committee

Thanks much,

Steve Gold

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