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Beacon is a walking city one mile long. Why put in ugly meters which would only keep people from coming to Beacon.
Who pays for installation costs and upkeep? Who checks on the
Meters? Who picks up the monies every day and keeps track of credit card and wireless data? The City would have to hire a person and pay salary -health benefits-retirement benefits etc.
Just look at the fiasco in Poughkeepsie.
We have around 200 signatures on petitions at this time. Petitions for signing are available at Beacon Reads and Flora
Both located on Main St. Also can contact to voice your opposition.
The two hour parking rule is not being enforced -why would it be any different for timed meters

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Comment by TC on April 6, 2016 at 8:25am

Speaking about the municipal lot behind Quinns and Baja 328 the city says "the City has determined there is not a present public need for the use of the eighteen parking spaces at the Eliza Street parking lot during overnight hours." Therefore the city is excited to sell off about 40% of that municipal lot to the new apartments proposed at 344 Main St for $960/mo. The difference in the totals here, 18 vs 24 spots, is because they're fudging the numbers by offering to sell 24 spots even though they initially comment on 18. These spots will be striped and marked with signage that says "Parking for Residents of 344 Main Street Only. 6PM to 6AM. All Others Will Be Towed." It's important to note that of course there will be demand for more than 24 spots there so the municipal lot will full up with more than the 24 paid for spots each night.

Let's be clear here. The city repeatedly gives variances waiving parking requirements for new businesses up and down Main St, including selling off existing city parking. Then the city council proposes setting up equipment and enforcement for paid public parking on Main St to counter the increasing demand for parking on Main St.

Paid parking doesn't magically increase parking spaces. So if Beacon has a parking crisis why is it selling off parking spots it already has?

My favorite part of this deal is that the city can revoke rights to those spots, especially at the 5 year sunset of this agreement. Then that apartment building has no parking and literally nowhere to build it. So then I guess the city gives this building a variance for street side parking indefinitely.

Your get the government you deserve, I guess. Don't forget to vote!

Comment by Ben Royce on March 23, 2016 at 3:49pm

thank you!

we have plenty of side lots, especially on east main

just change the traffic flow and signage and make the lots more accessible and identifiable to get people parking there

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