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Cit of Beacon council & mayor basically giving public property to developers?

Recently the City of Beacon "sold" the old Highway Department property on Fishkill Creek to a developer for $150,000. That's right, the same type of creekside property that has luxury lofts for sale and luxury apartments for rent. Link

You might have asked yourself why the City of Beacon would do this. Do they not know the value of the property? Do they think that despite the environmental cleanup required, they could not get a fair price for the property? Is the proposed public space and future tax income enticement enough for the City to basically give away property?

I can't be the only person who thinks this is the latest in a long line of giveaways to developers. Who gets to profit in this town besides the developers? Are there kickbacks I don't know about?

At least one of our city council members knows exactly what creekside property values are in Beacon since he owns one. He is hoping to snag a cool $1,500,000 for his spot a couple hundred feet down the creek from the old highway department property. Link

I understand that corruption and profiteering are alive and well in all levels of government today, but this giveaway feels a bit bold for the formerly sleepy little town on the Hudson.

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