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Call for Submissions:

The next E32 (stands for Every 3rd Tuesday) will be painting, sculpture, installation, inc. video that documents sculptures that move and installation. The artist must be present to discuss their work on Feb 17th*. Spread the word.

To submit, email a link to your work to
For more info visit

* If I don't get enough artists in time for Feb, I'll do it in March instead. Feb would be nice though cause it's such a dull month. There's nothing to do and the weather is awful. - Linda


E32 (for Every 3rd 2sday) is an art projection series in which the artist are present, discuss their work and take (polite) questions from the audience aka other artists.

It grew out of the Matzo files and started with a grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council/New York Foundation for the Arts. It's now done 1/4ly rather than monthly so it's really E332 but whatever. It's fun. It sounds dry but it's not. It's good natured, entertaining and excitingly thought provoking. Artists are strongly encouraged to bring their business cards and schmooze it up.

E32 is held at 5c Cultural Center at 5th St. and Ave. C on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where Bruce and Trudy preside over an extraordinary alt jazz scene while reaching out to the community with music lessons, adult ed. classes and great shows. Their inclusive, literate vibe permeates all aspects of this wonderful venue.

Although this event is all about artists talking to each other about art, we have had a couple of sales. And because artists sometimes also act as curators we've had a few people get in shows as a result of participating in E32. But I want to emphasize that these things are not the goal or the reward of participating. Ultimately, creating dialog in an artistic community is paramount.

There's no Cedar Bar. We have to work with what we've got.

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