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Bow String Truss sections from the Tioronda Bridge

So. The Tioronda Bridge truss sections are stacked against the fence of the Beacon Recycling Center and elicits, I'll assume, genuine concern.. "what a shame",.. A "pity." The iron sections, have been rusting away for years, even prior to the bridge being dismantled a few years ago. Could it have been saved?

Yes. But that's water over the dam, so to speak. What to do.

Here is where the Beacon artist community comes in to play. I have a vision of a local metal sculptor taking the bridge sections and creating...something.. a wall piece to hang..or a giant mobile suspended from some ceiling in a large gallery space. So there you go...A challenge to the art community in Beacon. Make something from this rusting scrap pile that honors the Tioronda Bridge, once an example of American bridge engineering.

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Comment by Anne Lynch on September 10, 2010 at 12:19am
Well I think you have to find out who owns the pieces..could be easy enough..ask Steve Gold to find out..or maybe a title search. I'm afraid the pieces will get stolen before anyone gets to do anything.....
Comment by James Watkins on September 9, 2010 at 5:30pm
Every project needs a champion and I'm glad that Ben has stepped up and taken a leadership role on this challenge. Ben, please let us know about organizing events, fund raisers and the like. You can count on my support.
Comment by Ben Royce on September 9, 2010 at 11:04am
john: great shots, great citizen journalism

step up beacon: who owns the tallix space now? at least any large INSIDE space these significant relics of our heritage can decay a little more slowly. they can be copied, the can be reproduced. as john says, this is an artist community. well this is a significant artistic heritage rotting away before you, in your midst

get on the case of the mayor and the city council. let them know you think this is wrong. call them. email them. let them know they are screwing up on the issue of vintage bridges just as badly as they are with vintage arcades

the beacon dispatch died a few years ago, but here's more of john's work reminding us of what is being lost here:

and more backstory to why you should care:

It was one of the last remaining bowstring truss bridges in the United States, one of the oldest vehiclular bridges in New York and one of the few 19th century iron bridges known to have been based on a patent model. Only one other bridge, over Sandy Creek in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, is known to have been built from that model as the Ohio Bridge Company ceased operations in 1873, possibly due to that year's economic crisis.[1]

we're all familiar with the romance of the covered bridge. well this ancient relic of a bowstring truss bridge is a similar romantic bit of architectural history, art, and national and local heritage. it deserves better than the way beacon is treating it. this is something unique to beacon and could be an asset to our city and we are letting it dissolve before our eyes

beacon deserves better, get on this!

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