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Bow String Truss sections from the Tioronda Bridge

So. The Tioronda Bridge truss sections are stacked against the fence of the Beacon Recycling Center and elicits, I'll assume, genuine concern.. "what a shame",.. A "pity." The iron sections, have been rusting away for years, even prior to the bridge being dismantled a few years ago. Could it have been saved?

Yes. But that's water over the dam, so to speak. What to do.

Here is where the Beacon artist community comes in to play. I have a vision of a local metal sculptor taking the bridge sections and creating...something.. a wall piece to hang..or a giant mobile suspended from some ceiling in a large gallery space. So there you go...A challenge to the art community in Beacon. Make something from this rusting scrap pile that honors the Tioronda Bridge, once an example of American bridge engineering.

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Comment by Mark Roland on October 14, 2010 at 1:19pm
I've been concerned about this for a while. When I first rode by the trusses at the recycling center I could not believe it. They were stored for years just behind my old welding studio. When that land was sold, I wondered what had become of them.

I think we owe it not just to the history of Beacon but the U.S. to try to restore these trusses. I have more info about them, but no time here. I just find it slightly ironic that a city that could create the famous Leonardo horse and ship it off to Italy can't save it's own historic structures. If Poughkeepsie can raise funds for and rebuild a bridge over the Hudson, I would hope Beacon has enough tenacity and will to rebuild this wonderful bridge over Fishkill creek.
Comment by Anne Lynch on September 11, 2010 at 8:37pm
How about hanging the pieces from the side of the Electric Windows building that faces the old train station.
Comment by john fasulo on September 11, 2010 at 9:21am
Ok.. enough .. lets all have a group hug here and see if we can't find some artist with a vision... I'm a photographer but I have to admit that; even though I'm still puzzled at anyone's looking at shards of broken glass in a pile of sand as art... and I'll really worry if someone ever bought it as art; ...never the less, DIA has given me another look at the possibilities here (maybe opened up a window to the past and my love of hanging mobiles).. to be able to suggest that these rusting pieces of historic iron be turned over to an local artist to create........whatever. So, local artists.. if we can secure the right for you to take these sad, crumbling pieces of Beacon's history, what would you do with them? Maybe we need to have a contest... Best idea from a local artist gets the bridge pieces to work with (final artistic work remains the property of the city and the Beacon Historical Society)... I'll volunteer to form the group of Judges.. say, five gallery owners.. Comments??
Comment by Ben Royce on September 10, 2010 at 2:30pm
james: i'm a 9-5 shlub with two kids and no time to organize my sock drawers ;-P

for now, i'm mainly confined to cyberspace. i've met with john and we share a lot of the same dreams and concerns and maybe we can organize something. but unfortunately, for the time being, i have to exist mainly in cyberspace, and be mostly a cheerleader and an idea guy. i put up the website to kind of keep a running tab on developments and ideas centered around the old train lines, and its massively overdue for an update, and i am going to do that. i want to incorporate a lot of stuff john brings up like the tioronda bridge... hey: what about the old tioronda school house? its gorgeous. should it rot in the woods? or can the tioronda bridge be part of a trail to it?

stuff like that: a website permanent home to permanently agitate for causes and issues and ideas around the train line for beacon's rebirth. so many don't even know about the bridge or that a dead train line links east main and the beacon station... all the while people fret over linking the TOD and main street!

i'd like to do more real world community stuff, but i can't. i've gone to a few city council meetings, and i rant like a certifiable crank on these forums, but that's all, so far. not because i lack the desire to do more, but because i lack the time. if my wife found out i was playing with bridges and train tracks when we have bills to pay, i'd definitely have problems! lol

but beacon is really going places. it's exciting. lots of projects with the theatre, the roundhouse, the longdock area... i'm excited about it. it's an exciting time to be in beacon
Comment by James Watkins on September 10, 2010 at 2:04pm
Ben, you can calm down. I believe in historical preservation and I just assumed with your call to action that you were taking a leadership position on this issue, and was offering my support. I was wrong. Nothing more than that.
Comment by Ben Royce on September 10, 2010 at 1:49pm
james: who are you? do i know you? i am trying to understand your sarcasm directed at questioning my commitment

thinking about your reaction... is it because i wrote "beacon deserves better, get on this!"?

are you a member of the group known as beacon deserves better? then perhaps you are miffed at me because i am implying someone else do all the work while i just cheer lead on the internet? that could explain your words

that's my attempt at trying to understand where you are coming from, i could be wrong about where you are coming from, but i think that is plausible. i saw 3 guys called beacon deserves better meet with the city council a few months ago, and i think one guy's name is james, that could be you. i know there is also tom church, and another guy who seemed to have a legal/ developer background with glasses, but i don't really know these guys, i'm just hazily remembering and flat out conjecturing at what is motivating your sarcasm here

in my defense, when i wrote "beacon deserves better, we can do this," i wrote it as in the actual meaning of those 3 words, unrelated to any group of that name. i just meant to say "beacon deserves better" as in "this city called beacon deserves something more"... i did not mean to refer to the group of people called beacon deserves better. obviously, i should have thought about the double meaning and the implications before ranting in anger and hitting "add comment". i'm very good at putting my foot in my mouth, sorry!

my words are not as in "the group called BDB: you go do some work for me please". if i were in BDB, and were busting my ass as that group has, with my respect and admiration, and saw some random yahoo issuing marching orders on the internet directed at me, i'd me resentful and sarcastic too. but in any case, i am sorry for the miscommunication, if this is the source of your sarcasm. this is all conjecture here, i may be way off base at who you are and what is motivating your words

but back to your original point: i am having a different tack on how to approach this issue than what you have suggested

suffice it to say, much as the city got egg on its face about its treatment of vintage arcade, and reaped worldwide bad press, perhaps it should reap some bad press about its treatment of vintage bridges too ;-)

agitating for a cause, organizing events, fund raisers: this is hard work, and i think perhaps you felt slighted. yes, it is easy to be a crank on the internet, and hard to do real work, i appreciate that point (if that is your point)

but sometimes you can take shortcuts: the blinding spotlight of bad press for example, did more to restore a vintage arcade museum to beacon, possibly, than perhaps the whole city marching down main street!
Comment by James Watkins on September 10, 2010 at 1:17pm
Sorry Ben, I actually thought you were serious when you urged the community on concerning this issue. I didn't realize you were just joking. Oh well, I've got to stop taking people literally on these community boards.
Comment by Ben Royce on September 10, 2010 at 8:28am
lol @ James: gee thanks dad. hey dad, can i borrow the car keys?
Comment by john fasulo on September 10, 2010 at 6:59am
The bridge sections belong to the city of Beacon.. As for being stolen.. I tend to doubt it... no one has cared enough to do anything with them to this point... maybe the person who steals them... deserves them!!!
Comment by Anne Lynch on September 10, 2010 at 12:34am
By Owner, I mean what municipality...

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