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Beacon in the NYT: "Williamsburg on the Hudson"


Everyone blanche: the opening picture is of East Main Street, Beacon.


But the picture caption says: "Main Street in Hudson, N.Y., shows elements of both the town's economic struggle and its influx of city émigrés."


Good read nonetheless.


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Comment by Attila Szendrodi on August 18, 2011 at 9:01pm

Where is everybody working that they can afford $4 domestic beers and $13 cocktails? Im obviously in the wrong career.

    Also, does anyone know if The Roundhouse has any long-term solutions to the parking mess they have created? I was ok with them coming in and trying to do something positive for my city but since then 2 separate incidents have made me want to root against them. First is the lackadaisical approach they obviously have to their hiring process. Not once, but 3 times I have contacted them about future employment and no response was to be had. Shows me a lot about someones character to be so rude. Second is the terrible parking situations that have arisen. They wrote on their Facebook "you can park on the street, or in the municipal parking lot across the street from the Roundhouse". Where does that leave for the local residents to park? Since the opening I have had to park far away on 6 different occasions including just now parking all the way behind Brothers. My solution? Tear down the dilapidated building across the street and make a parking lot. It would serve the city well. In the short term I plan on parking wherever I want, regardless of whatever parking "rules" are posted. First ticket I get will be sent directly to the Roundhouse project. They shouldnt have any problems covering it for me.

Comment by Anna West on August 18, 2011 at 7:07pm

Willie, I was thinking--except he probably eats at Quinns a lot., so I better exclude that in the bet. hahahaha.


Yes, blacks and Latinos have been excluded esp in the past. I was trying to include everyone.  I am trying to get the sides to understand AND get along. We truly are on the same side. Actually Howland Center has specific Woman, Black and Latino shows--though I won't speak for the quality. I want quality!!! No matter if it is green, blue or black AND from surrounding communities to bring people here.  AND no more Husbands, sisters, relatives because they are relatives rather than artists.


Yes, Scenic Hudson, the Theater. Mill Street etc etc.  Art and Green is going to be the way for Beacon and perhaps both of those ideas are upsetting to LT Beaconers.


At least Willy is honest, because he is speaking what many other "natives" feel--and I am sorry they feel that way and hope they all try to see the positive.

Comment by TC on August 18, 2011 at 5:29pm

The thing I can't get my head around is the 'native' Beaconers making complaints about a developer coming in and building a high end hotel/spa/restaurant/loft space in a set of disused buildings on a part of Main Street that needs revitalization. If you don't want to visit it that's fine, but they didn't build a chemical waste dump they built something that will drive visitors into your town to spend their money here.


What's the anger for, exactly? "Damn you newcomers, showing up raising our property values, improving the infrastructure, and helping to generate more tax revenue!!!!!"


Look up the Rockwell Group, the guys who are designing the hotel. Their projects include Trump Soho, JetBlue JFK Terminal, and Mohegan Sun. The developers are not competing with $3 pints at Joe's, they are going to attract a crowd that SPENDS MONEY to come and spend time at far end of Beacon's Main Street.


Would I have preferred they had $3 pints? You bet! Am I in any way annoyed at their presence? No way.


As far as the article is concerned, I'm not sure why anyone would respond by saying Beacon is 'dead' compared to surrounding towns. That's a subjective observation, I know, but the fact is Beacon has a lot of good things happening right now. Scenic Hudson's riverfront development, the Roundhouse, the Beacon theater, and much much more.

Comment by Preach It on August 18, 2011 at 12:24pm
Anna, what is all this black and white people stuff? Are you serious? Well, this brings up an issue...what about the Black and Latino communities in Beacon? They have a presence here but why aren't they part of all this "revival fun"? Why aren't they involved in the "art scene" here? Why are they forgotten? Have they been invited? Or thought of? Or are just ignored and looked down upon? They are part of this community too. Thoughts to think about by Thinksble Thoughts.
Comment by Joan Martorano on August 18, 2011 at 7:47am

Can't we all just get along?


Comment by Anna West on August 17, 2011 at 10:53pm

The factories moved out of Beacon years ago. Can't blame taxes on that.


Now the long time residents have a good point. All these new people show up, saying they love Beacon. As if that compares to living here all your life, half the newbies will be "loving" LA or Seattle next month. While the people who grew up here never even had a choice about college, let alone fancy-couple of degree universities. They grew up, served their country and came home expecting a job for the rest of their lives. Of course, I am talking about the white guys, not the black guys who probably didn't even have the chance of a good job in town.


My guess is the new people support ALL the businesses in town more than the long time residents. I'm guessing that the new people are use to eating out more often than LT'ers. That the new people don't want to drive to Home Depot and would rather go to Nichols. That the people walking around town be it single mothers with babies or not, are most likely new people or the poorer black residents instead of LT'er white people.


Waving Willie, I bet you $100 you eat out less than 3 times a month and I bet the NP (New People) eat out almost twice a week or 8 to 10 times a month AT LEAST. So think twice about bitching about who spends what in town. I bet that to save $2 you shop at Home Depot instead of Nichols.


Now we need to find a way to include the LT'ers with all the other people. They have wonderful view and stories of Beacon, and that knowledge is very useful.

Comment by Anna West on August 17, 2011 at 8:54pm

Sigh,  Beacon can be pretty dead. Part of it is the wide separation between long time residents and new comers. With the considerable mocking, name calling from the long time residents--seems like we can blame a bit of it on their unwelcoming altitude. After all, when properties were not reevaluated for 15 years (so that long term residents were paying far below real estate taxes compared to newbies)--they complained mightily about paying fair taxes. They wrote silly letters to the editors about their grandfather putting in sidewalks--thus they shouldn't have to pay real estate taxes. They were quite willing to have the schools suffer and newbies pay high real estate taxes so that they would continue to pay at a rate of their house assessed at 15 years ago prices.  Pretty self serving--but that is just my opinion.   Now that I have posted it, I am sure I will be "punished" somehow.


The other reason, I believe, is because many of the art projects are invitation only and not "call for artists" to include artists from Newburgh, New Paltz, Cold Spring, etc etc. No need for other artists to visit (and bring their friends) if they are not showing in Beacon.



Comment by Henry on August 17, 2011 at 8:25pm

Aron there's a yip.

Check it out.

Comment by Henry on August 17, 2011 at 8:16pm
Poughkeepsie is vibrant? Kingston?
Comment by Preach It on August 17, 2011 at 8:07pm
Bud, other towns probably received a better mention because those towns are not as dead as Beacon. You should be asking, why is this town so dead? Rhinebeck, New Paltz, Hudson, Cold Spring, Kingston, Poughkeepsie those towns are vibrant. Maybe someone can look into what they are doing and try to make that work here. I just do not get why a town that is so accessible can be so dead? Something to think about by Thinkable Thoughts

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