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I was looking at the Delta "Sky" magazine on a flight Friday and saw that Beacon was one of 10 featured locations in an article about places "on the water" (I think that's how it was framed) for New York city visitors to consider.  City Island, West Point, and Rhinebeck? were included with the ten (Cold Spring wasn't).  I'm not sure if it was the April or May issue.  Beacon seems to be popular in these "list" kind of articles.

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Comment by Peter McGivney on May 6, 2015 at 4:50pm

"But I'm just not going to mention or think of Beacon on same scale as Vienna."

I don't know; we could play Igor to Vienna's Dr. Frankenstein. We already have a mountain at our backs.

Comment by Steve Knowles on May 5, 2015 at 9:57am

I don't see a down side to the "re-vitalization" of Beacon.  Unless some corrupt politics comes into play (as you mentioned), it would seem only improvement over time will occur.  I would love to see the current low-income public housing turned into low-income, owner-occupied, public housing.  I believe this has been done in other places, where the tenants get a low mortgage and get the benefits out of home ownership.  With caveats, such as forfeiture if criminal activity takes place, it improves the overall environment for everyone living there, and the larger community.

Comment by Ben Royce on May 5, 2015 at 9:35am

The most amazing to me was... StBarths, Baja, Biarritz, Vienna... Beacon NY?

All this says to me is that there is some young magazine copy writer at Conde Nast Traveler who lives in Beacon or has a girlfriend/ boyfriend in Beacon and this is low effort filler and why not?
I mean love Beacon, and Beacon has lots of amazing things going for it. But I'm just not going to mention or think of Beacon on same scale as Vienna.
If all these fluff pieces give us more exposure, only good can come of that in terms of real estate and business (we must watch out for overheating and corruption though). There's always grumbling about change, old Beacon vs. new Beacon, but considering Main Street was empty 25 years ago, you have to be a pretty grumpy closed minded old timer to complain about this kind of change.
In fact a *real* old timer, and by that I mean someone from 100 years ago, would love the new Beacon, since in that era it was all about industry and growth and big changes. They would be amazed and floored that all the factories and waterfront train depots disappeared. They would also wonder why no one swims in the Hudson anymore, and we have their bad "dump it and forget it" attitude towards the environment to thank for that.
So change is good, we improve on the past.

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